Friday, June 12, 2009

FUCKETY FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! (sorry bout the language, but it is warranted)

Well girls, do you want the bad news or the bad news??? #1 I have put on 1kg.. and #2 I have a leak... Yes, I went to my nurse today to get a fill, as I have been able to eat FAR TOO MUCH.. and when I say far too much, I mean, a whole plate of food at sizzler, plus a bowl of dessert and a drink.. or a bread and butter plate covered in rice and stew... these portions were getting out of control.. and food was on my mind and in my mouth all damn day long..
So when I went in to the nurse this morning, I told her that I didnt feel like I have lost weight, and knew that I hadn't, as I had also splurged on my birthday weekend, and so forth.. So I got on the scales, and saw that I now weigh in at 124.6kg.. Fuckety Fuck ... but I thought to myself, I'll just get stricter, and get tightened up, so i told her that I want to get back to business and tighten up, but asked her first to check how my fill was.. So, I laid on the bed, did my half sit up kind of thingy.. Shit I hate that.. then she said she would put 1 ml in. Then after jabbing around anf finding the port, she said out loud "Oh dear, this isnt good". I asked her what the problem is, and she said "There's nothing in there". I said that there should be 3mls in there.. And, there was not a fucking drop... So she told me not to panic, and that I should let her try filling the band with some thicker stuff instead of the usual saline. So she put 2.5ml in, and I instantly felt a difference, she gave me a drink of water, and I couldnt get my 2nd sip down, and my stomach was certainly making itself known, with all the burbling and gurgling. So she told me to sit for a minute and see how I felt.. then after the racket going on inside me, she suggested that she take out half a ml.. Which was when I felt instant relief and comfort when she did. I now have very good restriction, and couldnt even finish a small potato and gravy from KFC at lunch. The restriction I had when I was first banded.. Its great.
I have to go back in 2 weeks for another check to see how this fill is.. I just hope she pulls out the 2ml when she checks it. I, as I have said before, am not insured, so I cannot afford for anything to go wrong. Of course, my parents have already offered that if need be, they will pay for anything needed to fix it, and I will just have to add that to my bill to work it off.. God love my parents.. I love them dearly.
Now I dont know if it is the cold snap of winter of perhaps my hormones, but i have had this shit headache all day long, and after taking 2 lots of soluble panadol, which didnt work, so I went to buy some soluble panadine rapid.. I have just taken 2, and hope it works.. Trying to serve customers with the headache squint on my eyes, isnt a good look..

On a happier note, I went shopping yesterday, CLOTHES shopping... Oh how exciting.. and it was by accident that I walked by Crossroads (ladies wear shop) and saw that they had a 50% of everything storewide sale... How could I not go in?? and I had my birthday money with me, and it has been burning a hole in my pocket since I got it.. It has been years since I was able to fit into anything from Crossroads.. So I dragged mum in there, and we both came out grinning and carrying bags.. However, it was still lingering in my mind that there were a few pieces that I put back on the rack, that I wanted, so I arranged with Wendy (pictured in previous post) and we dropped out boys off to football training and went to the shops.. Crossroads, here we come. I came out with yet another bag of goodies, and a big smile on my face, not being able to believe that I now had another shop that I could shop in for clothes.. After my mammoth work weekend ahead, I will take some piccies of me in my new threads for you to see.. But it doesnt end there, because when i went over to the shopping centre where my fill clinic is, today. I saw that Autograph (plus sized ladies wear) was also have the same 50%off store wide sale.. So I just had to get myself a few more pieces.. I guess after so long of buying something just because it fit, I took advantage of getting to pick and choose what I liked. And I was no longer the biggest size in the shop.
Oh, back to the restriction part, the pie oven is now safe.. I no longer feel like eating everything in it. I just hope it stays that way.
xx Nene


  1. Okay wait. You have a leak? From where? Is there a hole? And what the hell kind of thicker liquid did they put in? Gel?

    What if this leaks? You need to educate me!

  2. Ok, it is a possibility that there may be a tiny hole in the tubing that goes from the port to the band.. this is my understanding anyway.. From what i have read, it is quite common that it can happen, and can be caused by the needle piercing it when having a fill. That tubing is just floating around in there.. the stuff she used for my fill instead of saline, I guess is kind of like a gel subtance.. Hopefully this will seal the leak (if their is one) Grrrr, I so hope there isnt.. But the fact that my band is still tight today is a good sign..obviously it hasnt leaked overnight..
    If it does become and ongoing problem, they will either repair or replace the tube through keyhole surgery through the same port scar..
    xx Nene
    I hope this helps you out :)

  3. Bugger me...I didn't know they could use Polyfilla either!! lol
    I had a big spend-up in Autographs this week too!!! Lots of jackets and a size small !! jacket in a medium....cause I like them big to go over my jumpers:) How good does it feel to actually have something fit!!!???