Friday, June 26, 2009


I went to Dr Duncombe this morning, having mixed emotions.. One feeling of nervousness because I didnt want to hear that there is a leak, and a feeling of excitement because I would get to jump on her trusty scales and get a propper reading of my weightloss for the last fornight.
So I get called in from the waiting room, and as I enter the room stripping off my jacket, I head straight for the scales.. Get the good stuff out of the way first..dah, dah-dah daaaaah, 120.9kg.. This is a 4kg loss in only 2 weeks, BUT I was hoping to make it just under 120kg.. dammit.. But all in all I'm happy with it..So then it was time for a little small talk on what I been eating, and how much, and I gace the e.g of not being able to finish a hash brown.. which was met with a dissapproving look.. I was quick to explain, that it is not a regular choice.. So, after also explaining that I have been PBíng a lil bit too much, she said taking into account of losing the 4kg, that I should have a little bit out. So I got up on the bed, whilst she prepped the needle, and I reminded her that she would need to check the fill to make sure there were still 2mls in there.. And ....there was... Thank God!!! So she removed .25ml, and now I have 1.75mls in.. Which hopefully will keep the weightloss happening, but allow me a little more flexability when it comes to what food I am able to eat. So my new goal is to have lost 30kg by my 6month bandiversary.. in a months time. Shouldnt be too hard to do.. I hope..

Oh and I would like mention my sadness at hearing of Michael Jackson's and Farrah Forcetts Deaths.. both taken far too early in life. May they rest in peace. I know that many people have their own opinion of Michael Jackson, and I dont care to hear of any negativity. He was a very talented man, and his music has always been a part of my life. Even my kids sing his music, and know all the words. It is also sad that Farrahs death is being a overshaddowed by Michaels, but what can be done about it?? Very sad..

xx Nene

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  1. I am so glad that you don't have a leak!

    I got your txt message the other day. Sorry I haven't replied I've been off work with a gastro bug that's going around! The joys of working with the public.

    Congrats on the weight loss. That is fantastic! I can't believe you only have 1.75mls in your band! I have 2.3mls and still don't have that sort of restriction.

    You are going great guns. I love the pics of you in your 'new' jeans. You look amazing and should feel so proud of how far you have come....

    oh, and Happy Bandiversay Bandsista! At this time 5 months ago we were both packing ourselves getting ready for surgery.

    Talk soon