Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Just thought I would update you on my restriction.. and when I write restriction it should still be with a big capital "R". This morning I stopped at Mcdonalds for a breaky treat for the kids, and as I hadnt had my breakfast, I got myself a hash brown.. Well I didnt even get all the way through it, and was either full or stuck, so I left about 1/4 of it for my son to finish off. Lastnight for dinner, I made some beef taco mince and a herb and garlic potato bake. Well I got down about 2 table spoons of mince and the same of the potato bake.. Once again, I had the discomfort and had a lil PB.. It seems that I can eat the Healthy Choice mini meals or cabonara, or bolegnaise.. I guess because they are saucy.. The restriction is a little frustrating, but at the moment, I prefer to have the frustration and see the results..
Yesterday morning when I was getting dressed, I looked into the mirror and finally saw a difference. My hips are no longer huge chunks at my sides, and I am starting to have the formation of a butt.. not just a big ol'block at my back end..
I also love the fact that when I give hubby a hug, I can get in nice and close, not be pushed away by my own stomach.. Also laying on my side in bed, I can breath well, instead of breathing like a pig that is about to be slaughtered.. (hubby's saying)
Simple daily tasks are no longer tiring.. I love it.
I called Ferwood womens gym yesterday to inquire about membership prices, and am seriously considering giving it a go.. I want to look good for Christmas. I want to be in at least a size 14-16 by then, I am sure this is realisticly achievable. I am currently in between a 20-22.. depends on where the garment is from. But a 22 is too big in the waist, just comfy on the hips..
Have a good day
Nene xx

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  1. What is McDonalds?

    hahahahahaah....just kiddin!