Friday, June 19, 2009


Well now it seems this whole restriction thing is getting beyond a joke..I mean it is all fine and dandy and very exciting to be losing weight at a faster pace again, BUT I just dont think all the PBing is worth it.. I mean, yesterday, I was in a rush to get My son off to school, as he had to be there early for sports carnival day, and I had to race out to buy a new computer, as ours at home had finally seen its last days.. So by the time the jerk at Harvey Norman (Home and Electrics Shop) had sold me the computer, and I was on my merry way to check out the manchester sales at Kmart, I felt a grumble from my tunny and thought I better put something in it.. So after picking up a nice tribal black and white doona cover, a single doona for Ayisha''s bed (even though she dont sleep in the damn thing) and of course some cheap little outfits for my lil Diva, I raced over to the food court, and looked around.. Mcdonalds, Pizza, Doner Kebabs, Roast Meat and Veges, Subway or Chinese were my options... So I wandered over to the chinese shop and bought 2 mini spring rolls.. Knowing that I cant eat much in portion size, and that the spring roll should chew down to slop, it shouldnt have been a problem.. How wrong was I? I rushed out to the car, packed it up with all my latest purchases, and was excited telling Ayisha that we have to cheer for brother when he is in his running races... I had my first bite.. very nice, very small... and then another bite... OUCH!!! discomfort, swallowing , swallowing (the kind of swallowing that you do before you vomit)... then I try burping and nothing happens... So I pull the underwires of my bra over my boobs, and as I have a low cut top on, this doesnt look too pretty as I go through Mcdonalds to get madam some lunch.. I just try to be a bit discreet in tugging my jacket over, in hope that the girl in the window doesnt think that I am a flasher.. but even removing the underwires, and holding my breath is doing nothing to relieve the painfull discomfort..
I pull up at the sports carnival and see that the teams are lined up and ready to race.. (this is the highlight of Montels school year, he loves to run, and sports in general, and is in fact very good at it)... I grab a handfull of saggy boob and pop it back into the cup, and do the same with the other one, I hustle Ayisha out of the car, and we are running across the field, I wanted Montel to see that we were there before he raced, as I know it means alot to him to have us cheering him on.. So in all of my discomfort, I get top the sideline, and am holding back a vicious PB.. I see a mother of one of Montels friends over in the distance smiling over our way, but am on the very of being sick, and dont feel like I can even muster the words to talk to her, so I avoid eye contact, and cheer my little pcket rocket on, as he won his race.. (So Proud) I used to do all I could to pull a sicky on sports days at school.. I was athletically challenged.. LMAO.. nah, just too damn fat, and didnt want to wear the track dacks (sports lycra undies) that they used to run in.. So I am all for encouraging my children to get right into sport, and keep their bodies right.. I know how it felt to be teased and feel uncomfortable, and I dont want that for them..
All in all, maybe it was something in the screaming for Montel to run, the discomfort dissapeared.. Thank god, so I made my way over to the smiling mother, and made my appologies with an explanation. She also mentioned that it (the band) explained why I look so good... well thank you.. love to hear compliments..

So, after the whole spring roll issue, my stomach must have curled up and put a DO NOT ENTER sign in the door, because I really had no appettite even at 5pm when my sister asked what I will have for dinner, I said that I wasnt hungry, and was shocked at the fact that I had only really had a bite or 2 of a mini spring roll all day.. really should have been drinking more fluids though.. Then Wendy called, as it was football training for our boys (sons), so she asked if I wanted to go to Sushi Train with her... Oh what torture.. I had just gotten addicted to sushi before being banded, I couldnt pass a sushi shop without buying a piece, and now was sitting face to train with carraige after carraige of yummy looking morsels.. I never used to get the fishy ones, just the chicken or egg ones. But on this train of yummyness, there were ginger chicken kebab sticks and bits of fried chicken with lemon, and heavenly looking sushi... So I knew not to risk the sushi after my last sushi episode (blogged about long ago).. so I went for the chicken kebab sticks to share with Ayisha, took 2 bites, and once again... had to rush out to the bathroom for a throw... By this time I was well and truely over the whole band tightness thing.. my intention one day is to be able to go there and go hammer and tongs at that damn sushi train... I wanted it all, but could have nothing.. In the end, just as we were about to leave, I spotted a tempura vegetable plate coming around, I packed it up and took it away.. finally, I ate something that didnt hurt me..
Now this morning... I was once again in a rush and thought I better have something before coming into work so I dont come in and suck on chocolates for breakfast... So, as I was preparing Montels school lunch, I put some vegemite on 3 water crackers (little thin round ones) and ate them.. chew chew chew, blah blah blah... and once a friggin gain, the painfull disomfort, and a quick yack in the bathroom to get rid of the slime... I had a few sips of tea, and couldnt finish it...
Am feeling tired early in the evenings, I think its because I'm really not eating enough.. The wait loss is noticable and fantastic, BUT I need to eat.. Not that I am hungry, but for nutrients..
I have a cold coming on, have been sneezing all morning.. Perhaps is was the filthy dirty female customer that came into the shop on wednesday saying "I really shouldnt be out, but I'm bored at home" .. she says this whilst wiping the snot from her nose up the sleave of her jacket.. and the silly bitch came in to buy ciggarettes with a cough that sounded like she was an old car starting..
Anyway, I'm wondering how lunch will go today.. I have chosen a healthy choice mini meal, creamy cabonara, nice and saucy in hope that it will go gown without a fight..

Nene xx
I got my


  1. I think your PB epidsodes rival mine for sure! I have never eaten a spring roll but I kinda think it might be a problem for someone with such good restriction...NOW we know huh?


  2. Oh Nene...

    I don't know if I could do it! I am not sure that I could deal with THAT much restriction! Water crackers and vegemite PB?? Wow... I am going in for another fill appt next week - I am shit scared of 'PB-ing'