Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well I have had 24 hours of GOOD restriction.. infact, I'm pretty sure that my bans is a tight as a fishes asshole.. And I was Oh so naughty this morning.. But it was more of a dare deveil attempt to see if I could or couldnt.. But I tried my luck with a pie.. And as much as it hurt and got stuck after only 2 nites, I am so so happy about it.. This tightness has cured me of my pie bingeing.. Well almost.. because after throwing the bit up, I went back and chewed and spat the rest.. Oh thats bad isnt it.. My excuse is... It's freakin cold, and milk and cereal just aint doin'it for me. Anyway. I doubt that I will slide that pie oven door open for myself again. I will gladly sell them all, and not think twice about smuggling one to the side for myself.. But I guess my lack of fill prior to yesterday only made way for me to indulge in that meaty hotness that is called a pie. I have PB'd twice since my fill yesterday, and am becoming quite expert at having a quick 'ralph' in between customers, even it it looks to them like I'm pulling a "i need to shit" face.

My hubby wanted us to go to our fave Indonesian Restaurant today, but it would only be wasted money on my part, and I also dont want to have to find a qick exit for a PB.. I am going to tread very carefully now.. Lastnight for dinner, I have one of the Healthy Choice 1/2 size meal.. you know the 2 in 1 pack. I had chicken bolegnaise.. I finished it without a problem, and it was enough to satisfy me. But I wasnt choc-a-bloc full.. I guess I also need to learn that I dont have to feel that way in order to be 'finished' a meal... Perhaps I should have had a few more consults with the psycologist.. lol.

I am however, hoping that in this next 2 weeks, I will lose enough weight to get me down to 120kgs. Hopefully my body will be in enough shock from the sudden restriction and lack of pies that it just might do what it did in the beginning and perform the miricle of rapidly losing fat.. well fingers crossed anyway..

Oh and I guess as the saying goes "Be carefull what you wish for".. Well I wanted to get my band unfilled for my birthday... and decided against it.. and it was empty after all, but just not by choice..

Have a good week end girls..
Oh and Shaggs... where have you dissapeared too.. miss your posts.. miss you...xx
xx Nene

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  1. I am happy to hear that everything is holding! And thanks for educating me bc I was like...a leak!!!!!! I didnt even know they could fill the band with something besides saline.