Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well, this morning, I woke and was once again fossicking through my wardrobe to find something to wear.. I bravely pulled out my pair of size 20 Brown jeans that I have had for about 6 years.. I used to work at 1626 before it was called Autograph.. So I had plenty of clothes, and over the jears as I have outgrown them, I have just given them away.. When you work in a clothing store, you lose appreciation for clothes and tire of them too fast.. But this one pair of Jeans, I kept.. I'm not even usually into wearing brown.. But this pair of jeans have always escaped eviction.. So i thought I would give them a go this morning, as I know that since I last tried them on, I have lost a considerable amount of weight. And to my excitement, they did up comfortably, no sucking in my stomach, or squirming into them.. YES!!! another new wearable piece in my wardrobe. So as you will see in the pics above, I am wearing them. Sorry the pics are a bit dodgey, but the kids were still asleep, and I didnt want to wake them to take my picture. lol
It will soon be my 5 month bandiversary, I am stunned at how fast the time has gone. I will post more body shots of me then..
I wont bore you with any more ramblings untill I see my nurse on friday.. hopefully it will all be good news.. I am also dying to find out how much I weigh..
Have a good day/week girls..
Nene xx


  1. Don't talk to me anymore! Didnt I just tell you I am tired of being the fattest bandster blogging? And what do you go and do? Post that you are in a size 20? Poop on you. I have at LEAST 10 more pounds until I can squeeze into a size 20!

    Sigh...but I am happy for you. I love the pictures! You know...you could set your camera on self-timer so you dont have to stand in the shower....ahhaahahahaha.

    A funnel cake goes like this (its carnival/fair food). They squeeze squigglies of dough into hot grease and fry it. Then the top it with powdered sugar and you pick it apart.


  2. Awww...dont break my heart.. I'll talk to you more then... lol.. dont forget that the sizing is different in Oz that it is over there.. Believe me, I cant fit into a size 20 from every store.. I think you weigh less than me.. Also, height plays a big part of it too.. I am 5'8.. How tall are you??
    OMG, I am glad that we dont have funnel cake here.. I would be stalkin out every carnival just to get me some.. lol..
    Nene xx