Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hello everyone, well today I dont have a whole lot to talk about, but we will see where this post takes us.. lol
So, as it seems, my son is a rain maker.. strange... yes... Since he started playing football just over a month ago, it has rained EVERY SINGLE TIME he has played.. The first game was actually washed out, so no one could play at all, the next game on a Friday night, it had been fine all week, and at half time, it pissed down.. litterally bucketed down.. I was in fact suprised that the officials let the game go on, as there was even a little bit of thunder rumbling in the back ground. But it went on, and the mightly little Redcliffe Dolphin Under 9s (my sons team) won.. so that was first game down.. then the following game on a Sunday morning 9am, once again, what started out as a gorgeous morning, sunny and all, a darkness crossed the sky and all parents ran for cover just as our boys team was warming up.. It was frigging cold, and windy and rainy, I just wanted the game to be cancelled and to cuddle up to my boy and make him warm.. But noooo, it went on, and once again, they won 36-6.. Then once again this morning...more freakin rain.. but they won again.. Quite a good lil team my boy is in.. But this rain on game days is giving me the shit.. even more so because I have a damn cold, and sitting in the cold rain doesnt help it any..

I seiously wish I knew what was going on with my own body with this band.. I mean, when it comes time to eat, I feel like I can consume a whole lotta food, but after a bite or two it have to give up the idea of food for an hour or 2. Because it gets stuck or causes too much discomfort.. But if I have porridge, it wont be long till I can eat something else.. Strange..I will hold out till friday when I have my appointment with Dr Duncombe. I'm sure she will set me right.. But at the moment, I'm not making my food choices at what is best and healthiest, but what will not get stuck. but by saying this, I dont mean I am reaching for fat or sugar laden food.. But still not enough nutrient enriched foods. I am getting very anxious to know what I weigh according to the clinic scales... I so hope that I am down to 120kg by friday.. it is a good possibility, as I do know that I have had some pretty good loss since my fill.. and the fact that it is still tight is also a good sign that there may not be a leakage.. Am also kind of wondering if perhaps my nurse has missed the mark (the port) a lil too often and maybe not put the fills in in the past that she was supposed to... Oh who knows, but I should know something more on Friday.
So now, I discovered that I can no longer eat even wrap bread, any kind of pastry on pies or sausage rolls (thank god), even any more than 4 hot chips.. (ohh the pain) I dont have a problem with saucy pasta and even had some of my husbands Jaloff rice (about 3 spoons of it) and it didnt hurt. But now after all this time, I am finding that softdrinks (diet softdrinks of course) are starting to be a bit of a problem.. I can get it down, but it takes a bit of time and almost feels like it might come back up. But lots of ice and persaverence helps it to work.. I know I should drink more water, but the fact is, I just dont like it too much..(just call me a stubborn bitch) In summer I do drink alot more water, but just not right now..
So as I mentioned earlier, I have a cold, and it feels like a bus ran into my head, not a pretty look to be serving customers with a rudolph (reindeer) nose.. Sniffling, and grunting as I go.. I do take every precaution not to spread my germs, I am constantly using the Aquim hand sanitizer, so much so, that it is drying my hands out from all the alcohol it contains.. its my drinks that I prefer to contain the alcohol.. I really dont get sick very often, so I am wondering if it because I havent been able to eat enough nutrients (and no I dont take my multivitamin like I should, it tastes like shit).. that my immunity was low enough for me to get sick.. And now that I have it, I know that my daughter will get it because I am the truck, and she is my trailer... She is up my ass wherever I go. (oh I do love her to bits though).
Today is my husbands 33rd Birthday.. at times like this, I really feel for him, in the way of him not having any family here. I mean, I know that in his culture, they dont really celebrate birthdays, but i'm sure that deep down he would feel a little homesick at this time. Because over here, when I or my sister or family members have a birthday, the family gets together to celebrate it.. And not only that, I visited his country in 2007, and even I am homesick for the place.. so it would be hard. Soo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!!
Well thats enough ramblings from me.. I really didnt have anything in particular to post about, but I felt that I owe it to my fellow blog sisters to write something, as I know how excited I get to read a new one from them. THANKS AMY, I love to read your blog and look at your pics..
Actually whilst on that... I have noticed that I am getting a few followers these days, and also through my feedjit application that there are people from all over the world reading my blog, BUT not leaving any feedback comments... Kind of feels like being stalked.. LMAO... oh I dont mind.. read along..
Well thats enough rambling from me today..
xx Nene


  1. Is someone sending you SPAM via the comments? WHAT!

    I am kinda envious of your restriction...but the grass isnt always greener. I do have good restriction but its odd what doesnt give me trouble and what does.

    Thanks to your handy kilo to pound converter you put on here for me, I realized we are at a very similiar weight...that's nice bc so many of our bandster buddies started at a lower weight than us....and I feel left behind! booo hoooo

  2. Yes, I am getting tempted to do as Miss Piggy did and make my blig secure with a password only.. How else would I get rid of the spam crap???
    Yes we are a similar weight, BUT you are doing better with your weightloss than me.. We were banded only 2 days apart..
    Nene xx

  3. Well at least I can delete the spam comment..

  4. I try to post using my Typepad ID but 100% of the time, it doesn't work. Which means I have to sign in to my google account and... bah.... that smacks of effort.

    I think you're doing so well. As a recent bandit, I love reading your oh so honest accounts of life with the band. Here's hoping this comment makes it through!

  5. Hi Jane, thanks for reading, I hope my blog doesnt scare you sometimes, but honesty is the best policy.. Do you have a blog??
    Nene xx

  6. Nene, no you don't scare me at all! Indeed, when I was making my decision to have the surgery, I read your blog from start to finish. I love that you don't sugarcoat and that everything you say is from the heart. I didn't want a Mills & Boon rendition about the band. I wanted honesty, and you provide that in spades.

    I do have a blog where I'm tracking my journey: