Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I got this in an email, the heading was "How to tell if your feet stink". It made me think of Shaggs post about her shoes.. lol. How cute is this though..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well first let me gross you all out with a tale of a really nasty PB.. Over the week end we went down to the beach to sit in the sun, and got some hot chips on the way to snack on for when we got there.. Sooo, I sat down on our trusty lil grass mat and had possibly a small handfull of yummy hot chips with chicken salt.. I chewed well, and it seemed to go down ok at first, but then I got that all too familiar feeling.. So i sat uncomfortably for a little while, and thought I could get in a sly PB before getting into the car , however this wasnt to be, as it seemed that everyone else had the same idea of driving to the spot we were at, and there were far too many people around for me to have my sly PB.. Sooo when we got in the car, I started the engine, and just sat there, swallowing, and breathing shallow, and hubby asked what I was doing.. I did the usual point to there the discomfort was, and he got the idea.. He just said, "take your mind off it, and you wont vomit"... I could have screamed abuse back at him, for his lack of sympathy and understanding, but didnt have the energy to do so with a gluggy load of chewed up chips filling and stretching my pouch ( or so it felt).. I was salivating, and swallowing, and reversed out of the park to drive off, the longer we drove along, the worse and more painfull it got.. I just knew I had to bring it up to get relief, but couldnt find a secluded or private enough spot to do so, so I kept on driving, in silence.. I guess by then I was looking a shade of pale, coz hubby found a plastic bag in the car and handed it to me.. I pulled over in an instant and burried my head in the bag, letting out a flow of slimey saliva. But not much else.. The pain subsided, but the discomfort was there and I knew I needed to do more.. BUT where I had pulled over, there were people walking, and were almost in line with the car, so i drove on, and waited untill I got home.. I jumped out of the car so fast, and motioned for hubby to take the kids inside before bending over at the side of my yard and letting out the loudest most body rumbling burp I have ever done or witnessed in all my was then followed by a slight choke and then the chunkiest PB I have done to date.. Then more and more burps.. I realised that I shouldnt have sipped on sprite just prior to eating the chips..But the worst part of that PB was that my neighbor was just on the other side of the fence doing his renovations, he would have heard the whole lot (embarrasing, but now the pile is gone, it was probably his cat that cleaned it up for me YUKKO)... since that PB, I have had several bouts of discomfort, and restriction seems a lil tighter.. (which I might add is a bonus)... but I just need to take it easy i guess..
My little girl has been very very sick over the week end.. and although it wasnt suprising considering the fact that when I went to pick her up from daycare on friday, I noticed a medicine report that one of the children had woken from her nap with a 39 degree temperature and crying for her mummy.. The mother was called and she told them to give her daughter paracetamol and she couldnt get there untill 5pm to pick her up...!!!! WTF!?!?! sleep time finishes at 1pm... that poor child had to wait for 4 hours for her mother to come.. 4 hours in a childs time span is like forever, especially when they are sick.. That poor little girl... but in any case, i expected the worst when i read that notice on friday, and when i woke in the night on saturday night to find Ayisha moaning and wimpering in her sleep, I knew she wasnt going to have a good day.. She had developed a runny nose, a cough, and a temp of 39.2.. and started to vomit. I was scared... I dont want my baby getting swine flu, and i didnt want to drag her to the hospital to get it, if thats not what she already had.. So, I called the after hours doctor to come out, and the first thing the guy did was told me to get her to pee in a jar for him to test for a freakin bladder infection.. (WTF!?!)... in any case, the urine test was clear, and he told me that she had swollen tonsils ( she said she didnt have a sore throat) but I guess the tonsils would look swollen when the poor little girl is sqealing because he is putting the throat inspection stick so far into her mouth to take a good look... He gave me a script for anti-biotics for her and told me to keep up with the panadol for her temp.. this was on sunday morning.. she has still been getting higher temps, vomited a few more times (due to high temps I guess), and it gradually getting over it.. Now this morning, my son has woken with a dry cough and sore chest when he does cough... So once again, I am in panic mode..
I have however decided that for my 6 month Bandiversary, I am going to go and buy me some new clothes.
xx Nene

Friday, July 24, 2009


For any of you girls that have noticed that their "girls" are sagging since weightloss, Try this... Wear 2 bras.. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before in my blog.. But using this technique really get the girls up and out.. I just use 2 slightly padded (t-shirt style, 5 way style) bra's.. the problem with bra's for bigger women, is that #1 if you want a pretty one, it will have nice slim straps, but not enough strength to haul those puppies up and keep them up, #2 they dont make propper push up bras over a sz 16.. none that I have ever found here anyway.. and if there are any nice ones out, they are minimisers, not push up and outters.. lol...
Sooo, I decided to try the 2 bra thing, simply just put one on top of the other.. prop the girlies up, and Bob's your uncle.. You've got a nice perky looking rack..
I know that not all of you want to or even need to get them out there, but with the sag that I have been effected by, I need all the help that I can get.. Might just take a piccy for you, if I get the courage :)
My 6 month Bandiversary is on Wednesday.. What can I do to celebrate it?? Any ideas? I know Amy's is just around the corner too..
xx Nene


So I dragged myself off to Dr Duncombe this morning.. for the usual weigh in and possible fill.. Had the usual chit chat, and she told me I was looking good.. (thank you thank you) When asked how I thought I had gone weight wise.. I hesitated..thinking back over my brain fart this week, and I told her that I wouldnt be surprised if I hadnt lost any, however I didnt think I had gained any either.. Soo, I got on the scales.... and WOO FARKIN HOO!!! I'm now under 120kg.. only just though.. the scales read 119.4kgs.. I have been waiting for too long to get under 120kg.. and when I least expected it, it happened. The doc said that I wouldnt be needing a fill, as she is happy with my progress, and to be honest, I was too. Even though I was intending to go in and get a lil more fill.. But a loss of 1.8kg in 2 weeks is fine by me.

Now referring to my previous post, I kicked my own ass, and have now signed up to join Fernwood Fitness. I went in there yesterday and filled out the paperwork, and my orientation and assesment begins next thursday.. Soo, I told this to my doc this morning, and she warned me to buy some "skins" (extra fitted sports wear that fits like a second skin.. WHY?!?! you ask... well she explained, that when the excess skin wobbles, it not only wears you out quicker, BUT it can cause the skin to lose its elasticity.. annnd... its not good on the muscles... For some reason, I dont think they would make these "skins"in plus size... So I might go for some ultra tight leggings and a few bras... lol..

Thats all from me for now, work is getting busy..
xx Nene

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well what can I say? After seeing Amy's pics of her progress and reading about Bel's progress, I have come to the realization that I am not doing to good with this band at the moment.. To be honest, where I work is a very big part of my self sabotage.. Nibble nibble nibble all damn day long.. For you girls who go to work in an office, or anywhere in fact that doesnt involve food.. You need to think yourselves lucky.. I mean, its my own fault for giving into temptation.. And I really know that I shouldnt.. especialy after paying the price I had to pay for this thing.. and am still working it off.. Hence the reason why I am working in this damn shop..
Yesterday I went and bought a Wii fit.. and I have every intention of putting it to good use.. but I am thinking that I am still going to need alot more than that.. I need the gym.. and all along I have said that I am going to join.. and then I find myself making excuses for myself not to join.. For example, not enough time between working, being home for the kids, i.e getting them looked after whilst I go to gym coz hubby doesnt get home till 7pm most nights..and the main thing.... MONEY.. you see I was a member of this gym when it first opened, and out of the 1 year membership, I only went about 3 months of it.. but this time is different...
I MUST GO!!! I dont want to be one of those people that I have sniggered about having the band and still being fat 2 years later...
I want to see progress in myself again.. I want to hear the comments I was once getting again.. I am 1 week away from my 6 month bandiversary, and am not up with the weightloss of where I wanted to be.. I am still stuck on where I was a few weeks ago.. Aaarrrrgggghhh.. Will someone kick my big fat dimply arse NOW!!!
Ok, so I have had my vent, and AM going to join this damn gym.. as well as do the Wii Fit... I am going to watch my portions, and stuff myself to the point of regret... AND I am going to get filled to the fricken hilt on friday, just to get me under the 120kg mark.. LOL... you all probably think that I'm crazy... but I want to feel this working for me again..I might just go get filled back to 2mls again.. so be it if i cough, choke and fart my way through my pigion shit sized meals..I am gonna do this..
Ok.. I better stop now..
XX Nene

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ok, so I'm back, and have been for a few days, but couldnt have been fuzzed to write.. My kids both have been sick with colds, possibly because being the shocking mother I am, I let them swim when we were at the coast.. (We are in the middle of winter)... and although the pools were heated, they still had to get out into the cold air to get dry.. Some people say to me, they cant get colds from temperature, it would have been germs that they picked up.. Well thats also a good possibility, being that the resort was crawling with kids, half of them coughing and sneezing.. All in all, the kids had a great time, there was a kids club play centre there, which we could drop the kids off for 2 hours at a time.. Mine went to 2 sessions in the time were were there.. For some reason, I dont feel real confident in leaving my kids in the care of people that I dont know..
We went to the Cararra Markets, and I went trawling through every stall looking for a new handbag and purse.. No Luck though.. there were a heap of Guess and D&G knock offs selling for $45.. but I dont want something that everyone else has.. I bought hubby a nice hoody jacket for $25 which I thought was a bargain.. But was so pissed off when I saw when driving through central surfers that there were the same jackets for $15.. Aaarrrggghhh!!
Anyway, on the food side of things. that was a bit of a struggle.. And I ate bad for most of the week end.. You see at the resort, there was a smorgasboard resturant $19.95 for all you can eat.. Soup, Pasta, Salad and Deserts.. the problem being.. I cant eat much more than $3 worth, so i refused to pay nearly 20 for something I couldnt eat.. Soo, there was also a little cafe there, which sold Chips, burgers, etc... So I had potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream for dinner on the night we got there.. because we were sitting down by the pool with it, I chose those, as I knew they wouldnt get stuck, and I wouldnt have to cause a scene.. the next morning was fine, although I felt a lil off in the stomach all day, so I had cereal for breakfast, then some asian satay noodle for lunch when we were out at the shopping centre, then for dinner, once again, back at the resort, orders a chicken ceasar salad and a box of fries for the kids to have with their noodles, back in our room.. So with my salad, i ate fries.. naughty naughty.. but then after dinner had gone down, Wendy and I got the cocktails happening and had some cheese and kabana, crackers and dip with it.. Then the morning we were leaving I ordered a "big breakfast"which for the $10 I paid was quite a small breakfast being 2 chipolate sausages, 2 fried eggs, half a grill tomoato, 1 piece of soggy toast and 2 rashers of bacon.. I shared this with my kids, even though they had already eaten cereal.. So it wasnt wasted.. Hubby had a big breaky steak burger.. It looked soo good.. I was envious..
I am at a point where I dont know if I need a tiny fill or a good kick in the ass to stop constantly grazing and eating the wrong foods.. I know most of it is head hunger, and being here in the shop I have everything at my fingertips.. so its a constant battle.. I havent lost any weight lately and its shitting me, coz I really want to get under 120kg..
Well the shop is getting busy.. I best stop blogging..
xx Nene


Waiting for Ayisha to have her ride on the Steve Irwin Truck, Steve looks like he got something up his backside.. poor guy..
SURFERS PARADISE, Main Beach Entrance

Chevron Renaissance, more shops I guess, didnt go in there, just looked like a nice place to take a pic of.. lol

Australia Fair Shopping Centre

Check out the pout on my lil princess when I told her that it was too early for lollies.. I caved in the end, who could resist a look like that..


The girls do GUCCI... I just had to pose for this one.. Ayisha even knows style, she had her thumbs up.. lol
A view of Surfers Paradise from the window of our resort room.. Not the best, but thats what I could see.. what can you expect for $99 a night.. lol

Wendy and i in the lobby.. the red computers behind us were for booking the kids into the kids club.. We had just done that, and were heading to the shops..

My Family.. check out the array of colours.. I love it.. eat your heart out Angelina.. my very own rainbow family.. the difference is.. they ARE mine..

The Polynesian Dance show on Saturday night at the resort.. I would love to be able to shake my hips and ass like those girls.. well maybe i could, but if i tried to stop, my bod would just keep wobbling.. LMAO

Friday, July 10, 2009


I went for another appointment this morning, I didnt get a fill. I dont really think I need one.. However I havent lost any weight this fortnight.. but I am fine with that, as I know that I am due for my period on Tuesday, and have a lil bloating, and another thing is... I have been snacking my ass off lately, on all the wrong foods. And I intend to do that this week end too.. After it, I will just pick myself up, dust myself off, and continue this bumpy road to weight loss.
I am finally physically seeing the difference in my body though which is a great confidence boost.. And this is no race.. it will happen. I have been looking up pictures of bariatric reconstruction surgery.. FARK ME! that is full on, and I dont know if I could go ahead with that.. I will do as much as I can to tone as I go i think..
Soo, I am off to the Gold Coast tomorrow.. I am excited to be getting away.. Not that its far from home, but just a change of scenery..I will take plenty of pics for you all to see, however there will be no swimwear shots.. lol, am not that game..
Have a good week end all..
xx Nene

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Is this how I will look when I go to the beach??


Ok, the time has come where I have lost enough fat that my overhang(verandah as I so affectionately call it) has shrunk enough for me to see my Va Jay Jay... Ahoy there my moo moo!!!.. (Moo Moo is what my daughter calls hers) BUT I have a dilema.. I can only see one side of it because since having 2 c sections, my stomach has sagged on one side (the overhang part above the scar) I know that when I lose more weight, this will not be as noticeable.. However, I have a feeling that I could be sporting a whole lotta loose skin and faded stretchies when I'm down to where I wanna be weight wise. And then the question that I ask myself is that if I was going to have a tummy tuck, should I also get my boobs seen to as well.. Since losing weight, they have lost their fullness, and now resemble the sucked seed of a mango. Dont get me wrong, I dont want to porn star titties, I would even be happy with just a lift.. But where does it all end?? Will I ever be truely happy with myself??
After going away this coming week end, I am seriously going to join the gym, and really work on toning.. gotta do it now before I look like a sharpei.
xx Nene
Or if I tried on a tight pair of jeans I could have a Camel with a broken toe.. Ha ha ha

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I got up this morning and weighed myself.. I know that the reading that I get on my scales is not accurate as the scales at my nurses clinic, however, I can follow the innacuracy and see that I have in fact lost a little more weight.. I dont know exaclt how much, But I am 99% sure that I am now under 120kg.. I will now for sure this coming friday when I go for a band check up..Now usually i say "when I go for a fill", BUT I will most certainly not be getting a fill this time.. I am for the first time, very happy with my restriction, and almost feel like this could be "the sweet spot". I am able to eat most things, however only if I chew very very carefully.. I even had a sandwhich for the first time since being banded the other day.. Ham, lettuce, cucumber, cheese and pickles on grain bread. YUM, I enjoyed it so much, and although it took me about 45 minutes to eat, I ate it all.. I know I should have stopped after 20 minutes, but when you have to serve customers and wash your hands in between each bite, it kind of takes time.
For breakfast, when I used to be able to eat about 5 eggs scramble fried, I now have only 1.. and... I am full from that. Sometimes I feel a bit of discomfort when I havent chewed well, or havent been concentrating on my meal, but not to the extent that I have to PB.. I am confortable enough in between meals not to eat or pick, but I will admit that I do.. Dont jump on my back, take a look where I work. It's not easy not to pick. I never have been into chocolate or lollies, but these have been on my hit list lately.. so so naughty.. but I never have enough to do any real damage.
Well yesterday afternoon after I finished work we went in to our favourite restaurant at West End, I have mentioned this little restaurant in my blog before.. The Indonesian one, where I had a little episode with scoffing down my satay chicken too fast.. Anyway, I was well prepared this time, and knew where the bathroom was to make my get away should I have needed to.. But being so well prepared I also thought to book a table at the early time of 5:30, so the place wouldnt be packed and I could just take my time in comfort.. All went well, and I ate a sparrows fart sized portion of my ordered meal of Mei Goreng Ayam... (noodles and chicken dish) and got a container to bring my hefty left overs home.. When I said that the food was beautiful as usual, the owner looked at me and at my full plate as if to say "well if it was, why the hell didnt you eat more of it"? But was relieved to see that I wanted to take it home. I had another small portion of it again for lunch today.. YUM...
We have had the Redcliffe Show on this week end, and my kids have been asking and begging me to take them there, and each other year I have.. But this year, I have put my food down and refuse to waste money on shitty show bags that are full of out of date lollies, novelty toys that brake in the first 20 minutes, and walk past the dirty "showies" that try to put the guilt trip on you if you dont put your child on one of their rides or let them partake in one of their rigged show games, which by then after usually spending around $20 on the same stupid game, you walk away with a depressed child longing for the biggest toy that was waving in front of their face, only to have got a flimsy toy snake made of ugly retro material and beanbag beads sewn up with fishing line, and a fluro slinky that kinks and knots up after one slink.. pieces of shit, so there was no chance that i was going to put myself or my kids through that. HOWEVER, next week end, we are taking the kids down to the Gold Coast for a weekend at Paradise Resort.. ... its nothing fancy, but a place that totally caters to the needs and wants of the kids, which is what the school holidays are all about arent they?... And the fact that Montel's friend Aidan and his mum (my friend Wendy, as pictured on my birthday post) and sister are coming too. Soo all week end I have said to the kids that we are not going to the show so that we will have more money to spend when we go down the coast.. It did help a bit.. And they didnt miss out all together, we took them in the car and parked to watch the fireworks the were on at the show on friday night..
Well I've run out of things to say today. Have a good week girls.
xx Nene

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well as all the Aussie ladies know, it's school holidays here for 2 weeks. We are half way through the first week, and things are going ok. I see there are so many woman complaining that its the "school holidays" again, and have a voice of dread when they say it.. What I really want to say to them is "Wake the fuck up!!!, you made the choice to have the child/children, so deal with them". Nothing bugs me more when some women would do absolutely anything in this world to have a baby/child, and then some that do, just dont deserve them.. Its only human nature to loving joke that your child is a little rotter, gets into mischeif and so forth.. and that is all fine and dandy.. But I am appalled at the amount of women who come into the shop and winge, or even people that post stupid things on facebook about the fact that they have to have their kids home for 2 weeks. Life is so short, and it can be turned around in an instant.. Savour every moment you have with your precious ones and thank god for what you have.. I'm not trying to be all soppy on you all.. and am probably not even making a whole lot of sense.. But at least I have vented a little.
Now seeing Shagg's new addition (puppy) to the family, has made me very clucky for a puppy too.. My husband and kids have been hassling me for a pet dog, but I hav always said no.. Now, not because I dont love animals, but because I have a few very valid reasons... #1 being that my hubby is from a far away country, it is possible that we can pack up at any time and travel there for a few months, without having to look for a place for the pet to stay and be cared for..#2 I believe that the pet needs alot of attention and love.. and although we would be able to give it that, we just are not home enough to give it enough..#3 We living on a busy street, and dont have the most secure of fences to keep a dog in, and I would never forgive myself if it got out and was hurt..
BUT... after seeing Shaggs new baby... I sooo want one.. I just gotta hope that hubby and the kids dont ask me whilst I am at my weakest on the subject.. lol

Ok, now on the part of FOOD... I have a little less restriction than the ridiculous amount i had before, but am taking things very easy, as I dont want to PB.. I have a new addiction... Mango Gelativo.. Yum... certainly not what I pictured myself snacking on in the cooler months, but it is soo good. Right now I am spooning into the tub of it, whilst waiting for my pumpkin in the oven to be ready.. YUM..
Over the last week, I have had terrible nausea, as I have started on a new pill, and it's making me feel like shit, however, my skin is glowing.. lol.. if the nausea doesnt subside within a week, I will change it.
I dont have a whole lot else to say for now, will post more when I can think of something..
xx Nene