Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well first let me gross you all out with a tale of a really nasty PB.. Over the week end we went down to the beach to sit in the sun, and got some hot chips on the way to snack on for when we got there.. Sooo, I sat down on our trusty lil grass mat and had possibly a small handfull of yummy hot chips with chicken salt.. I chewed well, and it seemed to go down ok at first, but then I got that all too familiar feeling.. So i sat uncomfortably for a little while, and thought I could get in a sly PB before getting into the car , however this wasnt to be, as it seemed that everyone else had the same idea of driving to the spot we were at, and there were far too many people around for me to have my sly PB.. Sooo when we got in the car, I started the engine, and just sat there, swallowing, and breathing shallow, and hubby asked what I was doing.. I did the usual point to there the discomfort was, and he got the idea.. He just said, "take your mind off it, and you wont vomit"... I could have screamed abuse back at him, for his lack of sympathy and understanding, but didnt have the energy to do so with a gluggy load of chewed up chips filling and stretching my pouch ( or so it felt).. I was salivating, and swallowing, and reversed out of the park to drive off, the longer we drove along, the worse and more painfull it got.. I just knew I had to bring it up to get relief, but couldnt find a secluded or private enough spot to do so, so I kept on driving, in silence.. I guess by then I was looking a shade of pale, coz hubby found a plastic bag in the car and handed it to me.. I pulled over in an instant and burried my head in the bag, letting out a flow of slimey saliva. But not much else.. The pain subsided, but the discomfort was there and I knew I needed to do more.. BUT where I had pulled over, there were people walking, and were almost in line with the car, so i drove on, and waited untill I got home.. I jumped out of the car so fast, and motioned for hubby to take the kids inside before bending over at the side of my yard and letting out the loudest most body rumbling burp I have ever done or witnessed in all my life..it was then followed by a slight choke and then the chunkiest PB I have done to date.. Then more and more burps.. I realised that I shouldnt have sipped on sprite just prior to eating the chips..But the worst part of that PB was that my neighbor was just on the other side of the fence doing his renovations, he would have heard the whole lot (embarrasing, but now the pile is gone, it was probably his cat that cleaned it up for me YUKKO)... since that PB, I have had several bouts of discomfort, and restriction seems a lil tighter.. (which I might add is a bonus)... but I just need to take it easy i guess..
My little girl has been very very sick over the week end.. and although it wasnt suprising considering the fact that when I went to pick her up from daycare on friday, I noticed a medicine report that one of the children had woken from her nap with a 39 degree temperature and crying for her mummy.. The mother was called and she told them to give her daughter paracetamol and she couldnt get there untill 5pm to pick her up...!!!! WTF!?!?! sleep time finishes at 1pm... that poor child had to wait for 4 hours for her mother to come.. 4 hours in a childs time span is like forever, especially when they are sick.. That poor little girl... but in any case, i expected the worst when i read that notice on friday, and when i woke in the night on saturday night to find Ayisha moaning and wimpering in her sleep, I knew she wasnt going to have a good day.. She had developed a runny nose, a cough, and a temp of 39.2.. and started to vomit. I was scared... I dont want my baby getting swine flu, and i didnt want to drag her to the hospital to get it, if thats not what she already had.. So, I called the after hours doctor to come out, and the first thing the guy did was told me to get her to pee in a jar for him to test for a freakin bladder infection.. (WTF!?!)... in any case, the urine test was clear, and he told me that she had swollen tonsils ( she said she didnt have a sore throat) but I guess the tonsils would look swollen when the poor little girl is sqealing because he is putting the throat inspection stick so far into her mouth to take a good look... He gave me a script for anti-biotics for her and told me to keep up with the panadol for her temp.. this was on sunday morning.. she has still been getting higher temps, vomited a few more times (due to high temps I guess), and it gradually getting over it.. Now this morning, my son has woken with a dry cough and sore chest when he does cough... So once again, I am in panic mode..
I have however decided that for my 6 month Bandiversary, I am going to go and buy me some new clothes.
xx Nene


  1. Ohhhh hot chips!!!! Never ever do I eat hot chips unless the are so overcooked they are pratically a packet of cold (crisp) chips. Worst PB's ever for me on hot chips also (out the front of Franklins on the side of a busy street in front of shoppers)! I think there is an unspoken rule between neighbours lets face it, we all see and hear things that even our best friends wouldnt know about so lets all just make a pact that what happens at home stays at home (and our neighbours home!). Hope the babies have a quick recovery poor lil chookies! Happy shopping!

  2. OOOH weee, I totally feel you. I try to will it away also with slow breathing and praying to whatever God i think will listen. Yesterday I ate a sticky bun, little cinammon roll thing (shame) and when it came up it came through my nose also. Chunks of food were stuck in my nose...hahahah....good times!