Sunday, July 5, 2009


I got up this morning and weighed myself.. I know that the reading that I get on my scales is not accurate as the scales at my nurses clinic, however, I can follow the innacuracy and see that I have in fact lost a little more weight.. I dont know exaclt how much, But I am 99% sure that I am now under 120kg.. I will now for sure this coming friday when I go for a band check up..Now usually i say "when I go for a fill", BUT I will most certainly not be getting a fill this time.. I am for the first time, very happy with my restriction, and almost feel like this could be "the sweet spot". I am able to eat most things, however only if I chew very very carefully.. I even had a sandwhich for the first time since being banded the other day.. Ham, lettuce, cucumber, cheese and pickles on grain bread. YUM, I enjoyed it so much, and although it took me about 45 minutes to eat, I ate it all.. I know I should have stopped after 20 minutes, but when you have to serve customers and wash your hands in between each bite, it kind of takes time.
For breakfast, when I used to be able to eat about 5 eggs scramble fried, I now have only 1.. and... I am full from that. Sometimes I feel a bit of discomfort when I havent chewed well, or havent been concentrating on my meal, but not to the extent that I have to PB.. I am confortable enough in between meals not to eat or pick, but I will admit that I do.. Dont jump on my back, take a look where I work. It's not easy not to pick. I never have been into chocolate or lollies, but these have been on my hit list lately.. so so naughty.. but I never have enough to do any real damage.
Well yesterday afternoon after I finished work we went in to our favourite restaurant at West End, I have mentioned this little restaurant in my blog before.. The Indonesian one, where I had a little episode with scoffing down my satay chicken too fast.. Anyway, I was well prepared this time, and knew where the bathroom was to make my get away should I have needed to.. But being so well prepared I also thought to book a table at the early time of 5:30, so the place wouldnt be packed and I could just take my time in comfort.. All went well, and I ate a sparrows fart sized portion of my ordered meal of Mei Goreng Ayam... (noodles and chicken dish) and got a container to bring my hefty left overs home.. When I said that the food was beautiful as usual, the owner looked at me and at my full plate as if to say "well if it was, why the hell didnt you eat more of it"? But was relieved to see that I wanted to take it home. I had another small portion of it again for lunch today.. YUM...
We have had the Redcliffe Show on this week end, and my kids have been asking and begging me to take them there, and each other year I have.. But this year, I have put my food down and refuse to waste money on shitty show bags that are full of out of date lollies, novelty toys that brake in the first 20 minutes, and walk past the dirty "showies" that try to put the guilt trip on you if you dont put your child on one of their rides or let them partake in one of their rigged show games, which by then after usually spending around $20 on the same stupid game, you walk away with a depressed child longing for the biggest toy that was waving in front of their face, only to have got a flimsy toy snake made of ugly retro material and beanbag beads sewn up with fishing line, and a fluro slinky that kinks and knots up after one slink.. pieces of shit, so there was no chance that i was going to put myself or my kids through that. HOWEVER, next week end, we are taking the kids down to the Gold Coast for a weekend at Paradise Resort.. ... its nothing fancy, but a place that totally caters to the needs and wants of the kids, which is what the school holidays are all about arent they?... And the fact that Montel's friend Aidan and his mum (my friend Wendy, as pictured on my birthday post) and sister are coming too. Soo all week end I have said to the kids that we are not going to the show so that we will have more money to spend when we go down the coast.. It did help a bit.. And they didnt miss out all together, we took them in the car and parked to watch the fireworks the were on at the show on friday night..
Well I've run out of things to say today. Have a good week girls.
xx Nene

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  1. said sparrows fart. I will have to remember that one!

    I am glad you are at restriction and its helpful to hear that even at your sweet spot you can eat some bread. I can too and often feel like that must mean I need more restriction...but I dont think I do.