Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well what can I say? After seeing Amy's pics of her progress and reading about Bel's progress, I have come to the realization that I am not doing to good with this band at the moment.. To be honest, where I work is a very big part of my self sabotage.. Nibble nibble nibble all damn day long.. For you girls who go to work in an office, or anywhere in fact that doesnt involve food.. You need to think yourselves lucky.. I mean, its my own fault for giving into temptation.. And I really know that I shouldnt.. especialy after paying the price I had to pay for this thing.. and am still working it off.. Hence the reason why I am working in this damn shop..
Yesterday I went and bought a Wii fit.. and I have every intention of putting it to good use.. but I am thinking that I am still going to need alot more than that.. I need the gym.. and all along I have said that I am going to join.. and then I find myself making excuses for myself not to join.. For example, not enough time between working, being home for the kids, i.e getting them looked after whilst I go to gym coz hubby doesnt get home till 7pm most nights..and the main thing.... MONEY.. you see I was a member of this gym when it first opened, and out of the 1 year membership, I only went about 3 months of it.. but this time is different...
I MUST GO!!! I dont want to be one of those people that I have sniggered about having the band and still being fat 2 years later...
I want to see progress in myself again.. I want to hear the comments I was once getting again.. I am 1 week away from my 6 month bandiversary, and am not up with the weightloss of where I wanted to be.. I am still stuck on where I was a few weeks ago.. Aaarrrrgggghhh.. Will someone kick my big fat dimply arse NOW!!!
Ok, so I have had my vent, and AM going to join this damn gym.. as well as do the Wii Fit... I am going to watch my portions, and stuff myself to the point of regret... AND I am going to get filled to the fricken hilt on friday, just to get me under the 120kg mark.. LOL... you all probably think that I'm crazy... but I want to feel this working for me again..I might just go get filled back to 2mls again.. so be it if i cough, choke and fart my way through my pigion shit sized meals..I am gonna do this..
Ok.. I better stop now..
XX Nene


  1. Nene, I think we all have times where things don't shift. You have lost a FANTASTIC amount of weight so far - I really think you are selling yourself short here.

  2. Here comes the bitch slap.....

    Now Nene! You think this band isn't working for you hey????

    Let me break it down for you....
    If next week is our 6 month bandiversary (where does the time go) and my calculations are correct, you have lost 27.2kg is 6 months.

    That means you have lost 1.0461538461538461538461538461538kg per week.


    bitch slap over!