Friday, July 17, 2009


The girls do GUCCI... I just had to pose for this one.. Ayisha even knows style, she had her thumbs up.. lol
A view of Surfers Paradise from the window of our resort room.. Not the best, but thats what I could see.. what can you expect for $99 a night.. lol

Wendy and i in the lobby.. the red computers behind us were for booking the kids into the kids club.. We had just done that, and were heading to the shops..

My Family.. check out the array of colours.. I love it.. eat your heart out Angelina.. my very own rainbow family.. the difference is.. they ARE mine..

The Polynesian Dance show on Saturday night at the resort.. I would love to be able to shake my hips and ass like those girls.. well maybe i could, but if i tried to stop, my bod would just keep wobbling.. LMAO

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  1. Be careful. Madonna may try to adopt your children out from under you! lol...

    I think you are looking so good! For real. And whenever I see you in a full length shot and realize you are as tall as a super model, I want to kick you in the shin :)