Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well as all the Aussie ladies know, it's school holidays here for 2 weeks. We are half way through the first week, and things are going ok. I see there are so many woman complaining that its the "school holidays" again, and have a voice of dread when they say it.. What I really want to say to them is "Wake the fuck up!!!, you made the choice to have the child/children, so deal with them". Nothing bugs me more when some women would do absolutely anything in this world to have a baby/child, and then some that do, just dont deserve them.. Its only human nature to loving joke that your child is a little rotter, gets into mischeif and so forth.. and that is all fine and dandy.. But I am appalled at the amount of women who come into the shop and winge, or even people that post stupid things on facebook about the fact that they have to have their kids home for 2 weeks. Life is so short, and it can be turned around in an instant.. Savour every moment you have with your precious ones and thank god for what you have.. I'm not trying to be all soppy on you all.. and am probably not even making a whole lot of sense.. But at least I have vented a little.
Now seeing Shagg's new addition (puppy) to the family, has made me very clucky for a puppy too.. My husband and kids have been hassling me for a pet dog, but I hav always said no.. Now, not because I dont love animals, but because I have a few very valid reasons... #1 being that my hubby is from a far away country, it is possible that we can pack up at any time and travel there for a few months, without having to look for a place for the pet to stay and be cared for..#2 I believe that the pet needs alot of attention and love.. and although we would be able to give it that, we just are not home enough to give it enough..#3 We living on a busy street, and dont have the most secure of fences to keep a dog in, and I would never forgive myself if it got out and was hurt..
BUT... after seeing Shaggs new baby... I sooo want one.. I just gotta hope that hubby and the kids dont ask me whilst I am at my weakest on the subject.. lol

Ok, now on the part of FOOD... I have a little less restriction than the ridiculous amount i had before, but am taking things very easy, as I dont want to PB.. I have a new addiction... Mango Gelativo.. Yum... certainly not what I pictured myself snacking on in the cooler months, but it is soo good. Right now I am spooning into the tub of it, whilst waiting for my pumpkin in the oven to be ready.. YUM..
Over the last week, I have had terrible nausea, as I have started on a new pill, and it's making me feel like shit, however, my skin is glowing.. lol.. if the nausea doesnt subside within a week, I will change it.
I dont have a whole lot else to say for now, will post more when I can think of something..
xx Nene


  1. I personally love school holidays - what a glorious excuse to mooch around, do absolutely no housework and do only fun things!!?? Peter is just more and more loveable every day but its certainly not for the feint hearted and your reasons for not having a puppy are pretty huge ones and make perfect sense but then again - sense gets thrown out the window when you fall in love!!! Keep up the glow girl!

  2. Yeah! My girl is back! I missed you! I never said thank you for your comment about the crazy ass you sent me hate mail. Thank YOU! That made me feel so much better!