Friday, July 17, 2009


Ok, so I'm back, and have been for a few days, but couldnt have been fuzzed to write.. My kids both have been sick with colds, possibly because being the shocking mother I am, I let them swim when we were at the coast.. (We are in the middle of winter)... and although the pools were heated, they still had to get out into the cold air to get dry.. Some people say to me, they cant get colds from temperature, it would have been germs that they picked up.. Well thats also a good possibility, being that the resort was crawling with kids, half of them coughing and sneezing.. All in all, the kids had a great time, there was a kids club play centre there, which we could drop the kids off for 2 hours at a time.. Mine went to 2 sessions in the time were were there.. For some reason, I dont feel real confident in leaving my kids in the care of people that I dont know..
We went to the Cararra Markets, and I went trawling through every stall looking for a new handbag and purse.. No Luck though.. there were a heap of Guess and D&G knock offs selling for $45.. but I dont want something that everyone else has.. I bought hubby a nice hoody jacket for $25 which I thought was a bargain.. But was so pissed off when I saw when driving through central surfers that there were the same jackets for $15.. Aaarrrggghhh!!
Anyway, on the food side of things. that was a bit of a struggle.. And I ate bad for most of the week end.. You see at the resort, there was a smorgasboard resturant $19.95 for all you can eat.. Soup, Pasta, Salad and Deserts.. the problem being.. I cant eat much more than $3 worth, so i refused to pay nearly 20 for something I couldnt eat.. Soo, there was also a little cafe there, which sold Chips, burgers, etc... So I had potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream for dinner on the night we got there.. because we were sitting down by the pool with it, I chose those, as I knew they wouldnt get stuck, and I wouldnt have to cause a scene.. the next morning was fine, although I felt a lil off in the stomach all day, so I had cereal for breakfast, then some asian satay noodle for lunch when we were out at the shopping centre, then for dinner, once again, back at the resort, orders a chicken ceasar salad and a box of fries for the kids to have with their noodles, back in our room.. So with my salad, i ate fries.. naughty naughty.. but then after dinner had gone down, Wendy and I got the cocktails happening and had some cheese and kabana, crackers and dip with it.. Then the morning we were leaving I ordered a "big breakfast"which for the $10 I paid was quite a small breakfast being 2 chipolate sausages, 2 fried eggs, half a grill tomoato, 1 piece of soggy toast and 2 rashers of bacon.. I shared this with my kids, even though they had already eaten cereal.. So it wasnt wasted.. Hubby had a big breaky steak burger.. It looked soo good.. I was envious..
I am at a point where I dont know if I need a tiny fill or a good kick in the ass to stop constantly grazing and eating the wrong foods.. I know most of it is head hunger, and being here in the shop I have everything at my fingertips.. so its a constant battle.. I havent lost any weight lately and its shitting me, coz I really want to get under 120kg..
Well the shop is getting busy.. I best stop blogging..
xx Nene

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  1. I loved all your photos!!! Your kids are sooooo gorgeous!!!
    I hear ya with the weight thing....maybe we are all going through a winter slump!!