Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Just thought I would share with you... again.. the rotten bitchs pic.. on the left is the comfit that I did with the police, and the right is actually a facebook picture that I found of her, when I found out her name... Ohh, the wonders of facebook.. lol I will add that it is actually a good pic of her, because I had never really seen her in makeup, and with her hair down.. and after all this time of trying to think of where I have known her from, or thought her familiar... She worked at the local KFC for a couple of years... Duhhh!!! (my pre band days)


  1. Talk about a spot on description, Nene. Have the police got her as yet?

  2. Ignore my comment. If I had bothered to read further, I would have seen that she had been arrested!

    I have lap band brain!

  3. Oh God Nene... How awful... maybe you should belt out your feelings with someone??? You know... just to vent?

    My little sister was working at a fast food place in Surfer's when she was 16 - and she got held up with a gun and pushed into a back room... it's horrible how OFTEN this shit happens now... just terrible.

    You don't deserve to live in fear...

  4. Sorry for the light comedy, but that pic u made up actually reminds me of one of our blogger mates!!! Put a cute bob and a cheeky smile on her and she is totally our girl! On a serious note - way to go ur our very own Foxy Cleopatra - crime solvin' hot chick!

  5. I can't believe how well you did with the likeness. I would have been a mess and not remembered a thing.

    So let me guess, she'll get a slap on the wrist and told she's a naughty girl!!!!

    Makes me so mad!