Friday, August 21, 2009


I havent blogged as much as I should have been but have been a little pre-occupied.. You see, On tuesday at work I was held up at knifepoint... By a FEMALE!!! I was at work, doing my thing, filling the spare pie oven out the back kitchen and heard the door buzzer go off.. I walked out to serve, and was greeted with a female trying to disguise herself by going hunchback style and putting the back of her shirt up over the top of her head, her forehead kept it there, whilst with one hand she held the collar over the bottom of her face and with her other hand she held something out towards me, At first I nervously giggled, because I recognized the face and asked her what she wanted, and then had to lean back a little to see what was being thrust so close to my face that I couldnt focus on it... It was a HUGE knife. I realised that she meant business, and she repeated that she wanted the money... With my eyes focussing from the knife back to her eyes in disbelief, I opened the cash register, and tipped it up over the Envirobag (you know the ones that all the supermarkets are trying to sell you instead of using their plastic bags) that she had already placed on the counter. The coins went everywhere, only a few went in the back, and she kept saying all of it. I was shaking so much that I kept fumbling and finally cleared the till of money, and then she casually turned around and put the knife in her bag and fixed her shirt u and walked out.. meanwhile I am shitting myself that she may come back in, and called 000 (911) and locked the shop door... was dry reaching, and screaming and crying at this piont, because it had sunk in what had just happened..
Long story shortened..I am now very angry that, that bitch came into our store and made me feel the way I felt.. I have never been so scared.. All I could think of was please dont hurt me, I've got my kids at home.
I have done a com-fit crime photo with the police, but I feel that it isnt close enough to her likeness.. although I could pick her out of a crowd of 1000 people.. its just alot harder to put a face together when choosing, a set of eyes, lips, noses, face shapes... etc. Its so frustrating.
I went back to work the next day (wednesday) and trembed every time the door buzzer went off.. but i know that I cant let her get the better of me..

On the subect of weight loss.. I am getting a little pissed with this whole band thing... I have been exercising, ok, not every day ( my life is hectic at the moment) but certainly enough to make a difference... my band seems a little tighter, and yet, I dont weigh any less...I want to start seeing some improvements... dammit. I have even been making better food choices...

Thats all from me for now.. gotta get ready to get to work..
xx Nene


  1. Oh baby! Where do I start! A. Thank God you're all right! You did everything absolutely perfectly right! You should be so proud of yourself that it all went well (as well as that can go anyway) and I totally understand your anger. I have no advice to offer in this situation so there will be no "but make sure this or that" only you can know how to deal with this and wow, you did so well I have total faith in the awesomeness of you and that you will conquer the fear and anger and the whole fuckedupedness of it all. You're a freaking star girl! And as for the weight loss - well I can say something on that one - give it time - you're doing everything right so its only a matter of time, just time. And once again - you're a star! You're exercising, you're watching your intake, you're off your arse and running girl - that is the achievement here - not the weight loss. Keep at it sugar - you've inspired me to go for a walk today! So glad ur back at the blog - I've missed you!

  2. Aww thank u Shaggs.. means alot.. I think the stress of it all has delayed a few days because today I feel jumpyer than previous days.. but shit happens.. Will get back on top of things..
    Luv Ya
    xx Nene

  3. No doubt...ditto to shaggs. THat is so freakin scary and I am sorry that happened to you Nene! I am glad you are alright. Way to be brave and make it through.

    About your weight. When is the last time the scale moved?