Thursday, August 6, 2009


Ohhh lordy, Do I have a hang over today... my head is pounding, my eyes look like the roadmaps of tongue feels like unvaccumed, partied on carpet, I have used alot of my mobile phone credit (drunk texting), YES, I got myself shit-faced lastnight, Drinking Vodka and Midori with sprite... A nip of each in the glass and topped up with ice and sprite... Soooo not a good idea..
Who gets drunk on a Wednesday night??? well... Me... I work 6 days a week, and my day off falls on a thursday, so that was good enough reason for me to woop it up a little.
Hubby arrives home to his already sozzled wife, with a look of confusion on his face.. WHY? is my wife drinking in the week?? I stumbled over to him and give him a slurred "welcome home honey"... lol...
I was in bed by 9:30pm, and was trying to stop the damn room from spinning.. It mustn't have lasted long, coz I dont remember much about being in bed long before sleep came...

In any case, I got up this morning with the symptoms as listed above, took some paracetamol, and weighed myself... 119.1kg... (some improvement).. then after dragging myself around the house, getting Montel off to school, It was time for my orrientation at the gym...
I got there early, which is just as well, because the personal trainer started early, and did nothing but mtalk to me about her own fitness and swimming acheivements in life... (excuse me, but I am hung over, and want to crawl back home to bed, please dont chew my ears off by blowing your own trumpet).... Good for her, but this was supposed to be about me and my goals..
Soo, it was supposed to be a double appointment, going over cardio and strength, but in the time of the double appointment, she barely got through the cardio.. I told her I had to leave and get my daughter before she ate our shop out of lollies.. aaarrrggghhhh... e.i shut the fuck up!!!!!
So there you have it... I have joined the gym, I have lost a smiggin of weight overnight whilst annhialating myself on alcohol.. good
xx Nene


  1. I'm sorry.....but I would have slapped the "full of herself" bitch:)

  2. hahaha...well good for you for joining the gym and not using the hangover as an excuse not to go!