Sunday, August 9, 2009


So yesterday, I didnt have any problems eating my 9grain and pumpkin seed toast for breakfast with my cup of tea, but this morning I couldnt get through my first piece without the dreaded painfull feeling in my cleavage depths..followed by a lean over the sink and a good ol spit up.. In between customers I remind you... Ohh the glamour..Ohh the pain, and ohh the annoyance..
Does it not shit you to tears when you get geared up to enjoy a meal of some sort, and after only a bite it is causing you grief....This also happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I ordered a Nasi Goreng take out, and it smelled so damn good, looked so good, and tasted the best that I have had from anywhere... one mouthfull of magic, two mouthfulls of magic, then... PAIN.... then racing to the bathroom and heaving.. but you know what... it even tasted good coming back up... Ohhh YUK , I know it sounds bad...then I had to come to work, and thought longingly about my nasi goreng for the rest of the damn day..
I did go home that night and try again... and I was able to get some down...
But how many of you get really dissapointed when you cant get into the meal you set out to have??? Even though it caused a heap of pain and maybe a PB...
I mean sometimes i am glad that some things make me throw up, the bad things that I shouldnt be eating..
Oh well, thats all my rambling for today..

xx Nene

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  1. I hear I just did a post on is starting to shit me off a bit:)