Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Now you can see why I dont often venture out without make up on.. lol.. I woke this morning with Hives all over me.. the itching is driving me insane.. the pics below are hidious.. but, we're all friends.. so I'll share them with you.
Ewww, not a good look..

Ignore the tatoo, it was a silly thought at age 18...

Just cant stop scratching... arrggghhh
I went to the doctors after taking these pics, and he said that it looked alot like an allergic rection to something... But I havent changed or eaten anything different for this to happen, then when I explained the stress that I have been under (i.e. the robbery)... he said it would be "Stress Hives".... yay for me ... NOT!!!
Maybe the fact that I am not usually a stressfull person, this has really taken its toll...
In any case, the stupid bitch was caught, she had the audacity to come back to the outside of our shop to use the public phone box outside of it on Saturday afternoon.. I wasnt even supposed to be at the shop, but as our plans were cancelled, I decided to go up to the shop to get some milk and have a quick chat with mama.. As i walked out of the shop I saw her boyfriend walking into the phone box, and then she followed him, but was avoiding my stare.. Sooo, after shaking like hell, and running back into the shop to tell my parents to call the police, I threw up and wobbled and shook some more before they left and the police turned up... I went down to the station to make another statement, and they told me they were pretty sure they had a picture of this girl on file, but I would need to identify her on a photo board.. they also warned me that the pic is a few years old, so I would need to look hard.. And who did I see... that farkin bitch... Soo, to cut a long story short.. they went to her house that night and arrested her.. the house was full of alcohol bottles, however she claimed to have done this crime for food.. , What a crock of shit!!!!
In any case, she has only committed petty crimes in the past, and the police seemed to think that she would get bail. BUT she is NOT allowed into our shop or near me. She lives only 800 meters away from the freakin shop dammit..I still cringe every time that door buzzer goes off, and even though dad has beefed up security in the shop with high quality cameras and stuff, I half expect every second person to have a knife or gun in their hand.. How do I get past this??
On a more pleasant note, I went for a fill yesterday as I had only lost 1 kg in the month between visits, and I was not happy with that.. so I got another 1/4 ml fill which brings me back up to 2mls. And yes, I have fantastic restriction.. I couldnt even finish my healthy choice mini meal.. and thats saying something.. And I was super excited to read this morning on the scales that I am now down to 117.3kg... when yesterday it was 118.5kg... aaarrrgghhh... but I'm happy with that..
My new goal is to get down to 100kg by christmas.. and with this kind of restriction, i am sure I will make it..
Ok, well thats enough from me..
xx Nene


  1. A couple of things! Yeah! I finally get to see you without your clothes one. Mission accomplished :) Your side shot looks amazing!

    Your hives do not look amazing though. I hope it clears up. Can you just hang at home for a few days and try to relax?

    I am glad they caught her.

  2. NENE - u r looking tops!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How superficial am I? What a dog! Here u r bearing your soul to us and all I can say is - "biatch - you're one hot mo fo fo sho!" Hives is a shocking thing to have - maybe its time to go share your story with someone and have a good cry? Maybe another vomit? or maybe some nice valium and a good long sleep? Have u experienced the love that calls itself Polaramine? Anti histamine that knocks u out? Or Nucosef - Anti histamine that peps u up in the same way that speed does? Both top drugs just depends on whether u want to sleep or clean the house like a maniac either one will help reduce the reaction causing the hives. Oh, and I love the tattoo. V nice. I'm thinking of u lovely - all my love and best wishes for getting through all this shite.

  3. PS - Actually think you look quite nice a la naturale!

  4. Aww thanks girls..
    AMY- Glad you finally got my nakedness off your chest.. lol..
    SHAGGS- You seem to know a lil bit bout the drugs.. lol... thanks for the tip. I have been sleeping like a log when I get the chances to.. and I have got tomorrow off too, so i might go and see about a counceler..
    xxx Nene