Friday, August 14, 2009


I dont know if it my weightloss or the do-it-yourself hair colour company has gotten a little wiser and made the complimentary plastic gloves in a more generous size.. Lastnight I pulled out the hair die to cover these ever growing grey hairs that my head seems to be sprouting more and more rapidly with every regrowth.. I took off all my ring as not to tear the gloves, and then braced myself for a fight to get the silly plastic gloves on that usually split as soon as I slide my chunky fingers into it.. However, I was pleasantly surprised and even a little shocked to see just how easily they slid on, and as thin as they were, didnt even split.. Hmmm, is it me or the company?? Well I'm gonna take it and run with it, and think that it might be me.. i mean my rings spin around constantly anyway.. When I go to give customers their change, they think they're getting a precious gem too, coz my stones on my rings are always on the inside of my hand.. Oh well it looks pretty either way..
Tonight, my friend Wendy is coming over for a BBQ and some cocktails before we head out for a boogie.. I cant wait, as this is what I now see as a super enjoyable form of exercise.. And I know that I wil definately have enough happy juice in my system to think I should be on So You Think You Can Dance... LOL... oh the magic of alcohol...
I am however bracing myself for a wicked hangover, as i dont seem to be able to deal with the aftermath like I used to.. perhaps because back in the day I became immune to the effects of alcohol.. So I have taken Saturday off work, but to make up for it, I have to do the whole shift on Sunday.. 6am-7pm... aaarrrggghhhhh!!! but its all good, it should be worth it.
Will keep you posted...
xx Nene

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