Friday, August 7, 2009


I swear, half the customers that come in here of a morning, must wake up, scratch their ass or balls, and think to themselves.. Lets go and buy a packet of smokes from the corner shop and knock the girl out with our rotten breath whilst we're at it.... I have worked in retail for so long that I have gotten to the point, where I am almost tempted to tell them to go home, wash their face and brush their farkin teeth before talking to me.. It's just sick.. really, I think I have smelt fresh dog shit that had a better aroma than half these peoples breath... And then there is the ones who obviously dont and women... Now in the cooler weather I can understand that some dont bathe as frequently, HOWEVER when you get to be a lil on the stank side, its time to lather the hell up...
There is one lady (maybe aged about 50 ish), she wobbles (slight walking defect) through the door of our shop, breathing heavily, dressed in the same clothes that she has worn since we took over this shop on April 1... I dread her custom.. Although I am nice to her (everyone deserved to be treated equally) BUT my patience is wearing really thin.. as she leaves the store, I breath out a huge gasp and race for the OUST room spray and air santiser... I can only imagine the stench that the summer will bring..

Lastnight my son had his last football training session.. and when I say last, I mean last.. I will not let him join again next year.. I doubt he wants to anyway.. in training lastnight he was head butted in the face and tackled hard to the ground by the biggest boy in his team.. resulting in a cut lip, a sore front adult tooth and sore back and legs... This is all too much.. his final game is this sunday morning, which isnt as dangerous as the training because Montel rarely gets the ball in a game, as he gets a bit nervous and throws in straight away without any real action...
I dont want my baby hurt so young in life... Soo, he would like to take guitar lessons and do Little Athletics.. I prefer this too.. although the guitar thing might drive me a lil crazy.. But it keeps him safe..
Another thing is, Montel lacks confindence.. Perhaps this is my fault, as I really havent been all that confident in life either.. I gave him a little pep talk this morning on the way to school when he pointed out to another child and said"he is the best runner" "he is really good". I told him that he is the best runner in my eyes, and he needs to believe in his own ability to be the best runner and might even be able to beat this other boy if he just believes in himself... I also said that when he gets a new game and cant get past the first level, he keeps trying untill he can win the whole thing, I said that the same thing goes with anything he wants to acheive... Just keep trying... He got out the car smiling, and ran so fast into school... I love my little man.. He really is such a gentle and sweet personality..Where as Princess/Diva Ayisha, she is a whole other story.. LOL... she will argue every point, stand up to the biggest bully, and not back down to anyone.. And even likes to point out that mama has a broken booby... (refering to my inverted nipple) Oh the shame..
BUT, I wouldnt change them for the world. So therefore I must keep them safe... No more football..(rugby league)

xx Nene

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  1. I have got to start using the term farking. I heart it. And of course...sparrows fart :)