Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I started work at 6am this morning, worked till 1:30pm , came home, had lunch and went to the gym.. I am very tired now, but I feel really good.
I went to the gym on Monday, did cardio for 45 mins and skipped yesterday as Ayisha has a dose on conjunctivitis and couldnt go to daycare, so I went today.. It is my intention to go 4-5 days per week.. I stated out saying I want to go 6 days per week, but to be realistic, I just dont have the time to keep up that routine.. As it is I am struggling to find a good time slot to scoot off to the gym, not forgetting my "lapband appointments".. I actually havent been in 3 weeks, and am thinking that I will have to go back to going fortnightly again. I need that frequent kick in the ass and pep talk.
On the week end, hubbys friend came over and we had a bbq.. It was fun, we had the music playing and he and the kids were all dancing.. I kept being dragged up to dance, and it was deffinately fun and dance-able music, but I got too self concious..Will I always be this way?? I soo wish I wasnt.. I dont want to come across as a party pooper.. I'm not.. But I guess I just dont feel comfortable to dance when I am sober.. not that I am a bad dancer, Well I dont think I am.. But... ohh I dont know.. Ohh and not that I have a drinking problem either... LOL.. But is the self conciousness from my weight or deeper self confidence issues??? I know its a question that only I can answer, but I really dont know. I guess because I have always been bigger than those around me, it has slightly affected my confidence.. I really do have to work on it.. But then again, it depends on who I am around as to how high or low my confidence is...
I know this is all boring boring boring. I'm just rambling.. I really hope that now I am getting this exercise thing underway, the weight will start to come off again.. I find that if I go to the gym that day, my eating choices are much healthier.. its a good thing..
I have also discovered that Woolworths have a pre packed do it yourself ceasar salad pack in the fruit and vege section.. I have had one for lunch for the last 2 days.. Its a good feeling getting full on something healthy and not full of fat.
As for the chocolates.. I have laid off them lately too.. maybe I just ate too many and got sick of them..
Oh well I'll luv ya's and leave ya's for now..
Best of Luck Nola, for your move, Shaggs, stop bloody shopping, and post a blog and some damn pics... Amy Amy Amy... I'm gonna strive to have your flexibility... these skinny bitches at the gym aint gonna have nothin on us :) And Bel... cant wait to see you when you come to Brissy... By the way, what date is it again??
xx Nene
Oh and by the way I weighed 119.2kg this morning.. Hope its in the 118s tomorrow.. I want to get far enough away from the bastard 120s...

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  1. sparrows fart.

    just had to say that.

    I am happy for you that you are going to the gym. Now, dont give up if you dont see anything happening on the scale, bc like Catherine taught us...soemtimes when you start working out your scale freezes for a mere take your measurements too! But hell yes it is going to help!

    Tracey is the same way about dancing. He must have some liquid courage or he feels to self conscience. I think lots of people are that way about dancing.

    Have you been stretching so we can be in the next olympics together?