Friday, September 18, 2009


I havent posted for a while as you would have noticed, and at least I have some things to tell you all.. Over the last week, I have been in a world of discomfort and not been able to even eat half a small tub of kfc gravy (example) without being extremely full and in quite a bit of pain and discomfort.. I started to get worried that it could be a real sinister problem with the band, as the pains were where the band is located, but really like nothing I have experienced with the band yet. Even to drink was causing some deal of discomfort, and all I could think was perhaps I had a dialated esophogus (however its spelled), and my band was corroding, or worst that I would need my band removed/replaced.. Soo, I made an appointment with my band doctor, and even she was a little worried.. So she asked me if anything had gotten stuck recently, and I explained that a few days earleir I had a small episode at a restaurant and then the discomfort started the next day... Sooo, she took 1ml of my fill out of the band and said that I have have caused inflamation from the stuckage and to get back to her on friday (today) to let her know how I am going.. If it was no better, I will have to go for a barium swallow.
Sooo, over the next few hours, the discomfort subsided, and I was actually able to eat something.. I had even been getting dizzy and extremely tired due to lack of food.. and didnt even want to talk due to the discomfort, it was like someone giving my esophogus a chinese burn..(sort of)
But another of my conerns was that I was sailing along losing weight very well, and then all of a sudden when I was unable to eat a pinch of crap, my weight went up by 1.5kgs.. WTF was with that?? So, now I am doing good again, I will go back in on monday to be filled back to where I was.. Now that the inflamation would have gone down..
I will say that in this last day of "being able to eat without much abandon" has been fun, but a little too dangerous for my likings.. I took Ayisha to Sizzler (smorgasboard restaurant) yesterday for her birthday and was able to eat a whole bread and butter sized plate of food.. It was good, but I felt guilt afterwards.. Not that I had lots of bad stuff though, just the portion hat I was able to eat.. But knowing this at 1ml restriction, has made me a bit more relieved at the fact that I probably wouldnt have to get my whole fill taken out if we were to travel back to Ghana (Africa).. I definately wouldnt was much restriction over there, as I wouldnt want complications in a developing country and their bread and alot of their foods are sooo yummy that I would want to have some of everything.. lol .. bad I know.. Some habbits never die..
Soo, with little restriction, and a week end ahead of me, I am going to do my best and be a good girl (foodwise)... but it is a little tempting to tuck into some of the things that I havent been able to handle.. Will see how I go..
xx Nene


  1. Ouch! Better to not be that tight hey? And definitely loosen up for Ghana A. Great food and B. cant be fussy during those times and C. cant afford a medical emergency. And definitely dont feel guilty about one small plate of food! You nut job (arent we all?) remember - less food quite often means more weight!?!!

  2. Dont go missing for that long again! Almost 2 weeks! I am glad you got that figured out and it is a good lesson for all of us about what inflamation can do. Love the pics, and that blue is a beautiful color on you!