Friday, September 25, 2009

THE FOG HAS LIFTED ( oh and the dust too)

Well I dont quite know when it exactly happened, but it did, and now I am starting to feel a little more on the normal side of emotions.. I am beginning to wonder if these bouts of depression have something to do with my cycle (lady stuff).. Who knows.. But I intend to go and see someone and get it sorted..

I now have more energy, and am not sooo tired too, which has been a bonus considering that in the last 2 nights, I have had 3 different kids sleep over...So my one day off for the week has been filled with feeding, washing, drying, cleaning entertaining, mediating an whatever else... a bunch of 9 year olds and a lil miss diva 4 year old (Ayisha)...

However, in that time, I managed to drag my 2 and montels friend off to the shops with every intention of getting montel a new pair of High Top shoes, they didnt have his size, so onwards we went to Best & Less, I was actually browsing through the womens wear, but some cute bright coloured underwear caught my eye.. Oh and lo and behold.. they just happened to be in fuller figured sizes.. woohoo... So as you will see pictured above is my new underwear... the whole lot came to around $48.. I was quite pleased with that, and the fact that I now have some pretty new knickers.. Ones that I dont have to get mixed up with the camping equipment.. No tent pegs needed.. lol..
Well right now, I should be getting ready to take my sons friend home so I can get to work. Another day, another 50 million friggen pies sold.. Not sure if I mentioned, but our shop had an article in the local paper about 2 weeks ago, about our pies and mushy peas... It has been like grand central station ever since.. I'm just glad that I physically cant eat them anymore, or I would still be eating away the proffits..
Love Ya All
xx Nene
P.S. Thanks girls for the heartfelt messages on my previous post.. It meant alot, and also made me realise a few things. You are all truely very special to me.. thanks again..xx

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