Saturday, September 5, 2009


I have been on ebay for the last few weeks looking for something nice to wear.. and have been very unsuccessfull in my search... However I found a site called and have found a dress that I love.. I just bought it online, and even better is the fact that this week end they have a 30% sale for Labor Day... Woohoo, what better time to buy... it certainly helped me make my decission a lot faster.. So the dress was originally $65 AUD and I got it for $45.60 or something like that.. and free post...Gotta love it..So you will see the dress I am expecting, pictured at the top of this post.. I still cant figure out how to insert pics randomly on this silly site..
I dont have a whole lot else to post about at the moment, I am extremely tired with 2 sick kids at home.. I am getting a little frustrated with the frequency in which my kids keep getting sick..I was in the middle of Woolworths (supermarket) yesterday and had Ayisha in the trolley, she went all glassy eyed, and threw up everywhere.. It was highly embarrasing, as I was trying to catch the vomit in my hands as not to have it all over the floors and her... it didnt make a whole lot of difference anyway, so I told Montel to go and get a box of tissues so I could try to clean things up.. Its amazing how many people stand and stare in disgust.. Its not like I made her do it.. The poor child was sick.. and then you might think... why take her out if she is sick... Well she certainly hadnt thrown up prior to this.. Just a general sniffle and cough..
Montel was cringing and trying to get me the tissues as fast as he could but was so embarrased because a girl from his class at school was staring as all of this was happening.. I felt bad for Ayisha, I felt bad for Montel, and by the time I got my groceries paid for I felt bad for myself.. I wanted to go home and hide away...Oh the joys of motherhood..
So throughout the night, Montel's cough has gotten progressively worse, and Ayisha's temp has been up and down, Hubby went and filled a script of anti-biotics and they had their first dose late lastnight.. I only hope this works..
And I am sitting here at work, had to open the shop at 6am, was here at 5:30am to set up, and have had probably a total of 3 hours sleep though the night and about the same the night before..
I know that when I finish at lunch time I will go home and have a nanny nap.. God knows I need it..but then thats of course if the kids will have a nap too and hubbys snoring doesnt keep me awake..aarrgghhh
Have a good week end...
xx Nene


  1. I love that dress!!!! You will look fantastic in it too:) Just read back through your latest posts to catch up. 30kgs is bloody awesome and you look great!
    sorry to hear your kids have been sick. I hope they are both a bit better now:)

  2. I love this dress, and you will look great in it too!...I am definitely going to check out the website...