Monday, September 7, 2009


Well today I am feeling kind of good about myself, even though its TTOTM.. I am actually doing double takes of my reflection lately.. After spending so long avoiding my reflection. And especially after doing my morning ritual of getting on the scales after my first morning pee, I was loving myself sick.. lol.. had to say it.. feels kind of good after spending so long being so disgused with myself.. the scales read 115.4kg... (a loss of 31.2kgs).. My new mini goal is to get a spray tan when I get to 110kgs..
I was out the other day and realised that I dont have a swimsuit to fit me when it heats up enough to go in the pool.. The one I used to wear would be far too big, and is long gone anyway, so whilst in Best and Less I spotted a hot little number.. and snapped it up for $32.. and its a sz18.. the 20 fit me perfect and the 18 is ok, but by the time it is warm enough, the 18 will be perfect, and hopefully even a lil big on me. I dont think I have enjoyed shopping this much since I was pregnant with my daughter. Back then there was always something to buy, just coz it was pretty... and now there is always something to buy, coz there are more shops that I can buy from, and because I am always looking for a fresh new look or something to "show" the fact that I have lost weight..
I have also thought of a way to celebrate my 1 year bandiversary... I want to go to Malaysia for a weeks holiday, and have found some good deals on, whilst there, hubby and I can reminice on when we met ( and where our son was conceived)... and I of course can go do some serious shopping... ohh lordy, how this band will cost me in the long run...
I went to the gym this morning, after having not been for over a week, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to do before getting tired.. even my heart rate didnt go berko.. Just another good sign of things to come..
xx Nene


  1. Yay, congradulations!!! And the endurance in the gym, that's good b/c it shows you your inner health.

  2. Well slap my sweet ass I am so happy for you! I like hearing you say good things about yourself! Also...WHAT! We are supposed to be thinking about what we are doing to celebrate our one year! You just gave me an idea. Now I have to go plan!