Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was just flicking though some old pics on a memory stick, and found some that I have never posted.. these pics were taken about a year or 2 before I was banded, and wasn't quite at the heaviest that I got to.. So what I am trying to say is that i got bigger than these pics.. My face looks like a balloon...
I was going to a Store of the Year Ball.. I cant believe I actually thought I looked OK.. I do recall that I weighed 132kg in this pic.. So I had actually gained another 14kg before being banded..

I guess my body is going through the whole "slightly shrinking stage" again. I seem to be getting a lot more compliments lately.. It feels good. I also notice that I am being looked at in a whole different way too.. LOL.. which is really strange to me. But I'll take it and run with it.
I've got today off work, and am thinking that I just may go and do some retail therapy. God knows I need it.. Men... is all I will say... they drive you to need some kind of freakin therapy..point made. However I will say that since losing weight, am kind of getting the confidence to push the bullshit aside and not sweat the rubbish thrown at me. Karma's a bitch.
Have a good day girls.
xx Nene

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  1. WOW Nene - you've gotta love those pics???!?!?!?! The proof is in the pudding - put the scales away. BTW - men suck