Friday, October 9, 2009


OK, I have been slack, and not been posting again.. I'm actually kind of over the whole blogging thing at the moment.. I guess I am just a lil too busy with work, kids and other things at the moment. Ayisha has been sick once again.. Raising children, certainly isnt glamorous.. (lil germ magnets) I was sitting at the computer lastnight, helping my cousin with his grade 12 assignment, and Ayisha came up to me and said "Mummy, I feel like I'm gonna be bbbrrruuuuggggghhhhhhhh.. ." all over me... and it was more like a fire hydrant force than a lazy flowing throw up.. YUK.. TMI...then from then on, almost every hour, on the hour, she spent the whole night with her face in the bowl (not the toilet bowl, but her own lil sick bowl)... So I had a crap night sleep, and feel shit for it today..

My weight loss is very slow... I weighed in at 114.5kg yesterday... seems I have been see-sawing on the scales, and I am so freakin sick of it.. But deep down, I know that I have myself to blame.. If I can just stop fingering the damn peanut butter jar at every spare hidden moment.. some old habbits never die..and this one pretty much had up untill I had my tooth taken out over a week ago. I was scooping fingerfulls of peanutty goodness into my mouth because I couldnt really eat much in the beginning.. and now the habit is back. Fan farkin tastic... not.

Got my new car.. I love it lots.. for those of you on my facebook, you might have seen it already, for everyone else. I will post a proud pic for you.

Back to the weight issue.. Why is it that if my weight plataues, do I feel like a big ol' swamp donkey all over again?? I really thought that getting my tooth out would have help me lose some more kgs... but as someone said to me... You need to actually eat enough to lose weight too.. Whatever the case may be.. at least it's coming off, and not creeping on.. an so there might be some super amazing eople that begin like me at a mammoth weight, and get to goal within a year, I just have to accept that if I still want to live comfortably and not obsess about every single sip or bite I take, it's just gonna take me a little longer to acheive my goal. And... speaking of goals.. I know that my "ideal" body weight is probably quite a bit less than my "goal" weight.. But I am just aiming to look good in my skin, and I really dont want to go for tummy tucks etc, so I will do the best I can with what I can.. if that makes sense.. and if it means that I end up at 10 or so kgs over my "ideal" body weight, to avoid the "sag", then thats ok by me.

Had a real bad PB the other day.. but I'm getting used to the fact that its just a part of my life now.. lol... a gentle but painfull reminder that whispers to my mind "Put that food down , lard ass, coz it aint doing you any favours".

Thats all from me, till next time..
xx Nene

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  1. Dont give up on bloggin! Although I at least I could stay in touch with you on FB...but even if you get bored with it, dont go away forever!

    I totally feel you on that fact that you feel like a blimp when you plateau. It's our minds. They are messed up!