Monday, October 12, 2009


I went shopping this morning.. it started out as a boredom buster trip.. ended up being a fantastically sucessfull shopping trip.. Usually if I go out and find something I love, I cant afford it, or cant find it in my size.. However, not today, no siree. I walked into BIG W and spotted a dress... a maxi dress.. strappy, flowing... etc etc.. problem was.. it was in the section of "normal sizes".. I scrolled through the sizes on the hangers and came across the largest in the "normal size" range.. a 16.. So I pulled it off the rack and sized it up against me.. and it seemed as though it would fit.. So off I head in the direction of the fitting rooms, and pass by a rack of other tops.. Hmmm nice, I'll take one in each pattern. So I get my goodies to the dressing room, and nervously pull the dress off the hanger and over my head.. and ohh lordy.. I was shocked.. it fit me, it didnt cling, and I didnt look like a lumpy sausage in it.. this ones MINE.. and a huge price difference from alot of the UGLY plus sized dresses.. this was only $39.. the two tops I got were only $15 each, ohhh and then if that wasnt enough already, of I toddle to Best & Less and pick up a pair of... wait for it... Sz 18 shiny black tights.(leggings)... still dont know if they are my thing or not, but at only $10 (half price), I was taking them and runnin'. Then on the way home from that shopping centre, I remembered some little shrug tops at another place closer to home, so full of confidence that I would find something to fit, I pulled in there, and fossicked through the racks and found a what I was after... sz xl in a shop that caters for near infant sizing.. sz 6.. lol..I bought one in a burnt orange and another in a teal green.. V nice.. they were only $10 each too..
You will see the pics below of me in my new dress and lil orange shrug top thingy..

Lastnight when I was taking some towels out of the washing maching, I felt one of my rings slip off and on to the floor. So it is with great sadness that I will have to cease wearing them before I really lose them. I would be gutted.

I weighed myself again this morning.. (becoming a serious addiction, I think) it said 114.1.. I so hope I wake in the morning and it say 113.... something..But then as I type this, I am sitting here eating clinkers chocolate.. So bad. But back to my obsessive weighing.. I really gotta break the habbit.. I weigh myself as soon as I've had my morning pee, then after breakfast, then maybe if I have a bowel movement, I will check to see if it took some of my weight with it.. then again before bed... and I just cant believe how much our weight fluctuates all damn day long. I really need to just weigh myself once a week. Then I wont be a rollercoaster of emotions about it.

Oh well, I best be getting ready for work.. I just might wear my new dress there today..
xx Nene

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