Monday, October 26, 2009


Is my comments system not working?? Or.... none of you could be bothered letting me know your thoughts??? hmmmm..

Anyway, today i was bad and had a Spicy Wicked Wing from KFC... tasted so good and spicy going down... but ohhh lordy, it was even spicier coming back up... not fun.. However I am finding that I am finding it alot easier to get rid of any discomforts now (have a good ol PB).. I used to dread the thought of throwing up.. but now if it means it's gonna make me feel a lil more comfortable, then off I go to the bathroom or somewhere as discreet as possible... So, I have a question... What is the worst thing that you have PB'd on or has gotten stuck??

Weighed in at 113.2kg this morning..(still have that daily weighing addiction) I hope to wake to find that i am in the 112's tomorrow.. ggrrrrr quite possibly it will go up.. it's like a freakin see-saw
Anyway, drop me a line girls!!!! Even those of you who never have..introduce yourself :)

♥ Nene xx


  1. Hi princess! I havent been blogging much this weekend, but I am going back now and trying to catch up! The one that sticks most in my mind is mac and cheese. One little shell must have got lodged, but I didnt know it and ate some more...I was hacking for hours!

  2. Hey girlie! I've been off the radar with my parents in town and its kinda back to normal for a couple of days until more family arrive on Thursday! So apologies for the lack of comments from big mouth me. Anyhoo, go the weight loss you lil loser! That is tops! I really dont know what was my worst ever PB and I have always let the rivers flow, I've never held a good PB down sometimes now tho its kinda explosive if it gets really bad and I literally throw up and it feels like my whole stomach is going to come out pancreas and all so I'd have to say these new generation PB's v2.0 are the worst (not very often tho myabe only done it 2 or 3 times so far) and beef is the killer sticking food minced or pre chewed doesnt matter it is horrid!