Saturday, November 21, 2009


From top to bottom, left to right.. Macadamia & Caramel Slice, Hedgehog Slice, Vanilla Slice then underneath is Custard Tart, Lamington and finally Caramel Slice.. usually I am not a sweet eater, but a long gaze at these sweet treats are enough to convert anybody.. These are all in the small display fridge on our counter.. staring back at me as I complete each transaction on the cash register.. Below is a full pic of the fridge that contains the slices.. as you will see above them are fresh sandwiches.. Another big temptation, because I used to love me some nice fresh bread.. White bread sandwiches are something that I wont risk at all.
Oh, here it is.. the biggest pain in my ass.. The ultimate temptation. THE PIE OVEN... On the top are Sausage Rolls, then hotdog Sausage Rolls, then the list of pies we sell are as follows..
Plain Mince, Chunky Beef, Steak Bacon & Cheese, Steak Cheese Tomato & Onion, Curried Beef, Steak & Mushroom, Steak & Kidney, Pepper Steak, Chicken & Brocolli, Chicken & Vegetable... I think you've got the idea. Not all the pies listed are this pic, as I took the pic after I had already sold some.

xx Nene


  1. You must have nerves of steel my love! I COULD NOT do that with them in my face all day. NEVER! Far out girl you just get better every day! And go that video blog and I'll do it too - dare ya!

  2. Thank you for posting a pic of the infamous pie oven! I have been wondering what in the hell that was since the beginning of your blog! Oh, how meaty things are my downfall as well! That's how I fell for Tracey...ahahaha....just kidding, man meat joke!