Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I was just browsing through peoples pics on lapbandtalk.com and came accross a womans pics of her healed / healing tummy tuck.. I must say, she looks fantastic, and flat.. BUT... it has me scared shitless. It's certainly alot more invasive than the lapband installation. But also when looking at the womans pics, I noticed how petit she has become, and checked back at her old pics, and noticed that her sizing was very similar to mine. Which brings me to the new realisation that I could end up like that..I really dont picture myself ever getting slim/ skinny. I just cant imagine it. And if I do get to that point, will I be happy with myself then? Probably not..
I know that I have lost weight, and can see in my reflection that I have too. But I find that I am even more critical or my wardrobe choices now, because i want to accentuate the places where I have lost the most weight. Yet I want to hide my turkey neck wobble gobble arms. But alas, it's too hot to be wearing my little cardy's. So I just dust plenty of bronzing powder on the pale bits and hope for the best..

My weight is bouncing around on the spot again.. I am at 109.9 again.. which is a little nervy for me, as I dont want to get into the 110's again.. I really want to be down to 106kg by xmas day. But to be honest, I am not pulling out all stops to make it happen, so if it doesnt, it doesnt.. I'm just going to try to enjoy this festive time of year, and worry about it in the New Year.. Does that sound a bit wrong?? Well who gives a hoo har if it is...

Oh, as i told you, my sister is getting banded on 2nd Feb 2010.. and one of my best friends Wendy was just given her date yesterday through the same surgeon also.. she will be getting banded on 4th Feb 2010. I am really happy for both of them, as I know just how much of a life change it will give them. And the fact that they can go through it all together is wonderful too.

They are also lucky in the way that they will end up with my clothes... jeez I wish I had have had someone ahead of me to hand me down theirs.. would certainly have saved me some money.. But I'm only too happy to get that ball rolling for them.

Anyway, I must get off my ass and look busy, I'm sure there will be some drinks to fill and stock to pull forward and so forth.
Ohh and by the way.. for any of you Aussies.. have you tried the new Carb Free and Sugar Free energy drink called SYNERGY?? It's along the same lines as Red Bull and V... anyway, it's really nice and without the guilt.. Certainly kicks me up the butt and gets me moving right along.
Ok Luvlys..
xx Nene

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  1. I completely agree with you when I see 'thin' people, it just doesn't seem fathomable for that to ever be me. To answer will it ever be good enough, I don't know, I really hope that there will be a point that I say wow, I look good and am content and thats it, but even really skinny women have something they dislike about themselves, I think we just have to spend more time being proud of what we like about ourselves and let our imperfections go!