Friday, November 27, 2009


I was going through an old USB stick lastnight, and came across some more horrible pics.. of me Pre Band.. Its sad to think, that I actually thought I looked ok back then..
OMG, I seriously look pregnant here.. and I considered that top slimming on me. But then to admit it, I did used to walk around with my hand on my stomach, hoping that people would think I was preggas instead of just plain supersized.

Look at my face.. Oh words cant describe.. YUK

And another one.
Having lost a noticeable amount of weight, I sometimes find it strange when people come up to me and say "Wow Jennene, you look fantastic, Have you lost weight??" I mean, I am seeing that I have lost it, but to know that other people are seeing it, is very flattering. It makes me feel good. But the truth is, I still have alot of the same insecurities today that I had at full weight. I find that when people look at me, I must have something out of place, or get worried that they may think, "OMG look at her, she shouldnt be wearing that".. etc etc..
I would love to go to a funpark/themepark with the kids.. But I still feel that I would be too big to go on the rides, athough I do know that I went on those rides when I was bigger than I am now, so it wouldnt physically be a problem. But phsycologicaly I am being held back ( I think thats how best to explain it).
Well I best be getting ready for work. Have a lovely week end girls..Oh and to Tammy, I have been slack, I will reply your email soon.
xx Nene

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  1. Holy shit balls batman! I love your before pics bc you didnt post a lot of them at the beginning so I didnt have a good frame of reference where you were coming from. You look so amazing now! I have always thought you were beautiful though!