Tuesday, November 24, 2009


1. How long have you been banded?
9 Months & 26 days
2. What was your highest pre-band weight and current weight now?
My heighest pre-band weight was 146.6kg (323lb)
My weight now is 109.9kg (242lb)
3. What is your best "go-to" food to get your protein?
Cashews, Cheese ... ummm is peanut butter counted as protein.??
4. What is your favourite protein brand/shake?
They are all disgusting... yuk yuk yuk.. However the one I had prior to banding was the optifast strawberry, blended with heaps of ice to almost make it eatable with a spoon..
5. What food do you miss the most, now being post band?
I miss being able to tuck into a big juicy burger (with the bun), I miss jam & cream donuts, and the list could go on.. but in saying that, I certainly dont go without.
6. What is your favourite mushy food?
Taco mince with mashed sweet potato..
7. What was your worst PB experience?
Ohhh, I have had more than I care to remember. Boiled Egg is a bad one to PB on. The hardest was to try to PB into an empty take away outlet bag whilst hubby and kids are in the car. (I am very private about PBing) so it was horrible.
8. What has been the hardest part about this journey so far for you?
Not being able to drink as much as I want when I am thirsty after a meal, and also of late, not being able to consume as many alcoholic beverages as I would like to because of the carbonation filling me up too quick. Other than those, it's not really that hard. The PB's and stuckages get a bit annoying, but it's a wake up call.
9. What is your best NSV to date?
umm, what is NSV?? I will come back to this..if someone can explain what it is..
10. What is your top non-weight goal for your band?
To be able to go into any shop that I want and buy and fit into what ever I want. I have full confidence in my looks and figure, and about my life (long story)...
11. What is your goal weight or size?
I think my person goal is to get to 80kgs. I am quite tall, and feel that this weight would be ok with me. It might be a little over my recommended weight, but I'm doing this for me, not the text books. I can have myself a bit of booty and curves if I so wish..
12. What band rule do you live by?
I dont really drink with meals (it only causes a PB anyway) But ruloes are made to be broken. :)
13. What band rule to you not follow as much?
The no snacking rule and the no carbonated/ soft drinks rule, ohh and the protein first rule..
14. What is your goal reward?
An overseas trip (not sure where to, or who with, but I'm doing this for me)
15. In the spirit of Thanksgiving being right around the corner (U.S) , what are you most thankful for, post-band?
I am most thankfull for the improvements in my health and the fact that I have lost this weight relatively problem free. I am slowly regaining confidence and a little independance and realise I dont need to be pushed down into a corner, thinking I am not good enough anymore. I love how this magical little piece of .... whatever it is... had helped me to regain life again.

xx Nene


  1. loved it nene! Its so good to take stock and realise how effing lucky we are in this beautiful country - how terribly fortunate we are and what wonderful technology we have at our finger tips -it seems food or a lack there of is an ongoing problem on this planet. Not far to go for you now missy! well done!

  2. NSV is a Non-scale Victory!
    You are looking totally awesome!!!! I have just come back from holidays and have put on quite a few kg's. I'm so glad I didn't have any fill taken out.
    Anyway, love the new dress. Is it Crossroads?
    Talk soon

  3. Yup, crossroads, they have them in Red, Black, Blue or green.. I noticed you were having a great time in the U.S... lucky girl..