Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello Everyone in Blogland and beyond.. I must admit, I am kind of feeling on top of the world at the moment. For a few reasons really.. I have come across 2 very lovely ladies that are followers of my blog, and are also both banded. So a very big HELLO from me to TAMMY (the lady I met at the shopping centre, and LARA (my follower from Chatswood, NSW) .. Tammy has followed up our meeting with a lovely email to me, and gave me a little insight of her background, I look forward to a great "band sisterhood" with her. She is absolutely lovely. And then there is Lara, I received an email from Lara, explaining that she is the "mystery reader" from Chatswood, and that she hope that I dont feel like she is stalking me.. I am also very excited to have read in Lara's email that she has only just started her own blog, so when I get her blog address and permission to share it with you all, I will do so. These 2 ladies in the last couple of days have built my self esteem so much. No, I dont have a head swell because I got noticed or anything like that.. But it is so nice to know that I am somewhat of an inspiration to someone, and just may have possibly helped someone feel a little better about things in "band life"..
I really cant imagine not being open about it, but I know there are so many who hide it, and I can totally understand that too. But I do hope that my open-ness helps more than these 2 ladies.

When I ask the silent blog followers to speak up and make themselves known, its not so I get feedback (although I do enjoy to read from people) but it's to help those unconfident ones to have a voice.. (oh lordy this is kind of sounding all speechy).. But I am serious.. because for so long, I used to be one of those, to shy or nervous to put my comments in for fear of what people thought of what I had to say, and pretty much classed myself as insignificant. I am also not saying that this is how every "silent blog follower" feels.. But ín saying this, I am giving you a little history of how I once was.

I have also been told that my blog is not always easy to comment on.. I have discovered this with a few blogs, can anyone shed any light on how this happens or how to make it easier to get along with??

Ok, I am going to do the rest of my blog in point form, as I have a few short statements to make, and want to get them done quick.. (it's getting late and I'm feeling lazy)

  • I woke up this morning, got on the scales after my morning wee wee, and what did I see.. 111.6 k gees... WOOHOO now a total of 35kg loss.. I'm really not on target for how much I wanted to have lost, but I do have some sense of acheivement from this, and I am happy about it.
  • I took a leaf out of AMY's book, and put up our christmas tree this afternoon.. Yes it is early, even my son was telling me so. BUT there is a difference this christmas, I am actually feeling in the spirit, and cannot wait to put up our lights out the front yard on the week end. (more energy, feel better about get togethers, etc. etc.)
  • I know that I have previously blogged about "feeling down" kind of depressed and so forth, and I have noticed that it seems to be happening in the week before my period is due.. Is this PMS?? It comes on quick, and lasts about 4-5 days.. I wake in the morning, and am angry with the world, I dont want to talk to anyone, I just want to sleep the days away.. I'm going to talk to my GP about this. I dont like it at all, and I'm damn sure hubby and the kids dont either.
  • On the work front, there seems to be a new troublesome couple in town, and they are mostly high on some kind of drugs, and prior to the robbery, I really dont think their presence would have bothered me, I probably would have just told them to get out of the shop and dont come back.. But a few of their episodes have left me so shook lately, that I was even dry reaching and had to nervous poops.. So not good. Another thing to talk to the GP about.
  • Another note about the work front, and its temptations... The Pie Oven is all I should say.. I was overcome when I smelled the aroma of the new Chicken and Broccoli pie.. Now, I can not get through the whole pie, BUT I can open it up and eat it's insides.. About 6 mouthfulls of creamy chickeny goodness.. So yum, I'll have to take pics to share.. So I guess you could say I have lost my fight against the pie oven.. AGAIN..

Well my dear readers, I now have a hoarmonal headache, as I am guessing that when I wake tomorrow it will be TTOTM.. So I'm going to have me a nice hot bath and head to bed. Oh I should have put the subject of Baths in my point forms.. now that I can comfortably fit in my bath tub, I have been taking a long hot one each night.. Oh its so good. Aqua Therapy almost, but not as good as retail therapy (smiling widely)

Thanks for reading

xx Nene

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  1. ooh, so many things to say. First, one of the greatest most profound things I have learned from this blog, is that you never know when you will make a difference. This is true in life as well, not just bloggin, but sometimes the things that are just "us being us" matters to others...and I think that is wonderful.

    I am glad you are feeling on top of the world. I am totally jealous that these ladies get to meet you and I don't...when you are you coming to the US?

    YAY for putting the Xmas tree early! all the naysayers be damned! It is nice to have it up! We are also doing outside decorations this weekend, but we wont light them up until after Thanksgiving (November 26th).

    You know, I get those blue spells about once a month too. Mine don't seem to coincide with my period so much...but they are just so weird.

    Thanks for sharing!