Friday, November 20, 2009


I was just browsing through youtube and came accross this womans blog. She is so beautiful and inspiring. But what I saw of her is also a little worrying.. I am nervous of this becoming of my body. This woman is stunningly gorgeous, and is so inspiring in her open and honest account of her banding.
Just thought I'd share.

xx Nene


  1. Well she certainly has done well losing that much weight so quickly. However, 10 months out and considering tummy tucks and scar revision etc - I'm not so sure about that. I have a few concerns - 1. she lost it soooooo quickly. She really needs to give her body and skin a chance to catch up. 2. She is really too small now as far as I'm concerned and she looked much better in the previous shots (in the blue singlet) its no wonder she has so much loose skin which really - I dont think is so bad but each to their own. It also takes at least 12 moths for scars to properly heal over if not longer so I dont know what she's going to do about them. i understand her wanting to be perfect now after reaching her goal weight but man, really, striving for perfection like that is really just a slippery slope to other obsessions and issues. Anyhoo, great post, great lady very brave but really, she aint that bad.

  2. You have a point, she has lost alot real fast.. I am hoping that my height will help me out a little. I really dont want to have to get a tummy tuck. It looks so painful..

  3. I think so much of it has to do with how you carry your weight. I was certain that I would have tons of loose skin on my belly area, but so far so good. OF course I am still 219 pounds, so things can change. But she carried so much of her weight in her belly, and was always relatively smaller on top and bottom. I kept waiting to see something "disgusting" though. And I never did. I am sad for her that she thinks her tummy is disgusting. It really is not that bad and the rest of her body faired pretty well! Thanks for posting the link.