Friday, November 6, 2009


Ok, now have I got a story to tell.. a story which still leaves me a little shocked.. Yesterday I was out with my sister.. Yes, we were on our way to see the doctor about her getting the lapband.. and we decided to stop by a a few shops on the way, and pick up some kids xmas pressents that we had seen advertised in the catalogues the day before. We stoped at 2 different places, before a last minute stop at the Hypermarket at Aspley, we went there for TOYSRUS.. this shopping centre is about 20 mins drive away from where I live.
Sooo, as we were walking though ToysRUs.. Ayisha was asking for everything in sight, and getting cranky because she couldnt have it all, then when I was paying for the one thing I chose to get (a present for my nephew), she starts carrying on at the checkout, then walks over to the sliding doors, and proceeds to lock them and unlock them.. I was calling out for her to come back to where I was standing, and she just looked back, and grins defiantly, much to my embarrasment.. People everywhere in there were just staring at me, then at her, then back at me.. I was so embarrassed, that when I finally got done with my transaction, I walked over, smacked her bottom, and put her in my trolley..I heard people sniggering, and obviously making unwanted comments about it all, but I just left the store and walked out in a bad bad mood.. THEN, as I am storming out, (angry and frustrated and embarrased all in one) a lady approaches me and I begin to think that this might be another person wanting to comment on Ayisha's hair.. (Ayisha had her hair out yesterday, and it was very wild and wooly, every time it is worn in this style, I get people stopping me and wanting to touch then she said that she wanted to stop me, as she is a reader of my blog, and recognized me and Ayisha from the pics that I post on here.. We had a little chat and I asked her name, this lady doesn't blog, but does have a band, and follows some blogs. She was a lovely person, and is looking great, I do hope to get down her end of the scale eventually. Please accept my invitation to email me with your email address so we could possibly catch up one day, if you're interested. , Please dont think I am that rude or vague all the time.. I was in the middle of a child induced break down.. lol . I left that shopping centre feeling so shocked.. because when I check out the listing of the locations that my blog readers are from, there are people from all over the world, and to be recognized in a shopping centre, was a shock..
But to also be told that this lady reads and enjoys my blog is a good feeling, to know that in some way, it can entertain or enlighten someones day, give ideas or just to relate to..

Now to follow up with my sisters appointment.. we went to see the nurse that I saw when applying to get my band, and it was nice to talk back into that office with confidence. I also noticed that people's before and after pics hadnt been updated on the wall, so as soon as I am looking hot, I am going to send in some pics..back to my sis.. She has now been given a date to be banded on 2nd Feb 2010.. I am super excited for her. And it means that her bandiversaries will only be a few days apart from mine. The thing I am seeing in my sister (lack of confidence, energy, etc...) are all the things I used to feel. It's sad, and takes me back to the beginning of this year, and it just amazes me at how much this band has changed my life. I did however express to the nurse yesterday that I wished I had lost a little more weight than what I have lost already, and she said not to compare myself and so forth, and that I have done a great job.. Sooo with that i stopped on the way home and bought myself another sz 16 (US size 14) lil summer singlet dress..
I am beside myself with excitement that I can actually shop in the "skinny girl section/shops".. for those of you over here who are familiar with Fashion Fair.. I never in a million years dreamed that I would own any garment from that shop.. Well I am becoming a regular spender in there.. I love it.
Another exciting thing to tell you is that 2 days ago, it was hot here, and I suprised my kids by putting on my new bathing suit and jumping into the pool with them. They have never seen me do such a thing. They were very excited and asked if we could do it more often. It's just another incident that makes me realise how far I've come and how much I have missed out on.
Well girls.. that all from me today. Have yourselves a great week end.
xx Nene

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  1. I am so happy for you and your swimsuit!...and for all the shopping you are doing...and for your sister!