Friday, November 20, 2009


I really dont know whats happening lately, But I likey..My weight is coming off at a steadier rate than it ever has since being banded. I keep getting on the scales, morning, noon and night, expecting to see a gain.. But nope.. I ♥ it. If what I was having was a plataeu, it was a fricken long one, and i dont want to go through that again.
Have a look at my "Statistics"on the right side panel about half way down this page, and you will see that I have recorded alot of entries for this month.. I know I should only really stick to recording once or twice a month, but hey.. I'm on a roll. Now I am down to a 37.4kg loss, looks like my goal to have lost 40kg by xmas is in my sights.. However to be honest, i was hoping to get down to 100kg by then, but it's ok, I make the rules as far as my goal setting goes, and it suits me fine.
With Amy doing her Vlogs, she has inspired me to get a lil courage and do one of my own.. Perhaps I will do one when I hit my 40kg loss, or one for xmas.. which ever comes first.

My sister went in to meet the surgeon who did my band, and she told him about my progress.. He was extremely happy with it, and told her to tell me congrats.. but to take it easy, because he believes that the slower loss is better. Ppfftt.. He also told her that it is not good for the band if you PB more than once per week. Well, there are some weeks that I dont PB at all, the others when it happens with almost every meal that day. But I think the problem there is that instead of tucking into my next meal, I should just stick to liquids untill any inflamation has gone down.. Yeah right.. lol
Well I best get back to work/ temptation/ stinky sweaty work men wanting pies (oh and the temptation is not the stinky sweaty men, it's the pie oven.. thought I'd better clarify that)..
xx Nene

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