Sunday, November 1, 2009


Just thought I would share some pics of my kids dressed up for Halloween.. We have a scary bummble bee, and ummm a ... well all Montel wanted was a beard drawn on his face.. he said he was a robber.. In any case, Ayisha was the star of the show.. Most people gave her a few extra treats because she was the smallest amongst the group.. She fell asleep in a sugar frenzy.. she fought and fought, but the eyes lost the battle. Which gave me a chance to hide some of the lollies for when she woke this morning to go in search for more..

I have an appointment with my fill doctor tomorrow.. I am finding that I am really not eating enough for my weight to still be hovering and too'ing and fro'ing around 113kg..I am getting a little frustrated with it.
Also, my sister has booked in for her first appointment to meet with my surgeon, as she is planning to get a band too now.. As you can guess by now, from my mention of her in a previous post, that she didnt go so well with her latest diet attempt. I can so sympathise with her. I also have another friend who joined privat health insurance when I got banded, so her 12 month wait is almost up, for her to be able to go for the band too. IF she sticks with her plan, she will also get banded in the beginning of the new year. My sis is hoping to be done around mid Feb..
I will keep you all posted..
xx Nene

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  1. HEY! Wait a second! Cara just told me last night that you guys don't celebrate Halloween in Australia! I thought it was an all over holiday? Now poor Amy is