Sunday, December 27, 2009

Full BUT Not Satisfied...

First let me start by saying that I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, as I did here.. the kids were overjoyed with their gifts from "santa"..and was a happy day in general.. quite laid back in fact. We had friends over for a breakfast of croissants, fruit platter, strawberry's dipped in chocolate...Sausages, bacon, eggs cooked on the bbq.. (very aussie as most bandsters are, I am usually quite restricted in the mornings, so with waking at 5:30am, and not having breakfast untill around 9, it wasnt too bad.. I was able to eat a bit.. although not as much as I would have liked...but I was ok with it... then moving on to my parents house in the afternoon, there was a feast of roast lamb, roast pork, potato salad, fresh salad with coutons and smoked kransky in it (I made this salad, it should be called Bitsa Salad, coz it's got bitsa this and bitsa that in it :) then there was corn, and other salad sides etc... Once again, I didnt over indulge, but probably because of the fact that my stomach was full of vodka cruiser bubbles... I think I had consumed about 8 of those tasty beverages throughout the day.. I was even suprised that I wasnt intoxicted.. BONUS!! By the time it was time for desert, I was ready to go home, I wasnt about to tackle the fruit flan, or fruit mince pies and custard, or christmas cake... I was fooded out for the day.. All in all, it was a great day though..
Boxing Day.. another nice day, we drove up to Woodford (to check out all the hippies, venturing on to the Woodford Folk Festival, as we do most boxing days) and stopped at a park to have some hot chips for a snack.. I had only a few before getting stuck, so I got up and walked Ayisha over to have a squat & pee under a tree.. By the time I got back to my seat, we had a little visitor..and I know it wasnt there when I was sitting there, because I had dusted the seat off before sitting at the table... The visitor was the most adorable little Green Tree Frog.. all shiny and pulsating.. sitting happily on the bench next to hubby.. Luckily I had the camera in the car so I set to work taking the little stars piccies.. Soo cute..
Then for our boxing day dinner, we drove into the city (west end) to our favourite Indonesian restaurant and got take away, this time my parents were following, and tried out fave food too.. We picked the food up and drove over to Kangaroo Point (City Look Out).. we were lucky enough to find a park and a table to sit at.. It was so beautiful to overlook the city whilst eating dinner.. So it was a superb Boxing Day too...
Now to explain my heading "Full but not satisfied" to you.. today, I have been picking at foods all day.. I am full, but dont feel satisfied with what I have eaten.. Almost like I would try to eat something else as full as I feel, just because I was that flavour in my mouth, or want to chew something of that consistancy... All day long, I have been grazing on bad bad bad foods.. 2 small bowls of ice cream, a packet of Salt & Vinegar chips, a few random snack size chocolates left over from a gift box of cadbury celebrations... an oven baked dinner roll that I PB'd on.. a small bowl of Cheerios cereal... none of it has hit the spot for me.. I am at the point that I feel so full that I physically couldnt eat another thing, but I WANT something else, dont know if it's salty or sweet, hot or cold...... I do know one thing is for sure.. I am getting tightened up as soon as I can in the first week of New Year.. Time to get serious..
My weightloss has gone to hell in a handbasket, and I must do something about it. Exercise is a must, or I will forever have these tuckshop lady arms, and inner thighs that look like a tub of melting lard..Oh, and just when I didnt think my titties could shrink any more... blow me down, they have.. I wouldnt mind having tiny perky titties if I had the body to match, but not these that looked like a sucked mango seed thats been hung to dry in a sock.. TRAGIC.
Anyway.. I've got to get ready for work.. dammit.. watch the news to see if I dont get arrested for throttling our sunday staff member.. Ohh it's a long story... and one that would almost be worth getting arrested for.. Long story... must think happy thoughts...
xx Nene


  1. Hey Nene,

    I have been doing the same thing.... grazing all day long even though I'm not hungry.

    I'll be so glad to get back to work and into a 'normal' routine

  2. Hear hear on the grazing!!! Life has been so busy and there has been so many meals that I cant get down anymore that I end up grazing on junk that I know will go down. Cant freaking wait to get back to reality!!