Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I thought I would dedicate this post to Christmas, since it may be the last entry I make before 25th Dec..With christmas day drawing near, I am just as excited as my kids.. I cant wait to give them their presents, so they will have something to do, and keep out of my hair for a while.. lol.. Oh but i do love them to death, but Mama just needs a lil time out some times.. In saying that they are excited is one thing, but the fact remains that they will still sleep in long enough for me to have to wake them up, by screaming... Santa's Been!!!!! Santa's Been!!!!! Come Quick!!!!!!!!... whilst they lay there rubbing their eyes and stretching, before figuring out what their crazy mum is on about... I guess the reason that they sleep in (beyond 6am, which is as late as I let it go on xmas morn.) is because they lay in bed with their eyes wide open till late, trying to catch Santa..
Heck, I used to dive under the sheets, and cover my head and hands over my ears coz I didnt want to see or hear the big chubby man in the red suit... Hell no, he could just leave his goodies for me under the tree and ride his reindeer right on out of there, as far as I was concerned.. I was a real scaredy cat..
Back to the story... this year, as in previous years, I will no doubt have to wake my two little angels up, and race them out to the tree, where they will be greeted with the biggest mountain of presents... Silly me, thought it would be better to get the gifts bought early this year before the last minute rush... Ha!! what a load of rubbish that turned out to be.. I started months ago, and have kept friggin buying.. right up until yesterday.. and that was all because I did a count of how many presents each child had..and shit shit shit... Montel had more than Ayisha.. a whole 7 more..Sooo, of I went, back to the shops to even the tally.. Ayisha is 2 down on Montel, but I am quite honestly over the whole christmas rush at the shops.. I thought that at this time of year, people would be friendly and smiling, etc... Well not in my neck of the woods... these people have turned into the most miserable mongrels around.. Trolley rage, road rage, car park rage, check out que rage... A whole lotta angry people, and for what?!?!?! All in all, I have spent an absolute fortune, but it will all be worth it to see the smiles on my childrens faces..
Remembering back to christmases of my childhood, I remember waking up at the crack of a sparrows fart, and waiting and counting the minutes before we could wake mum and dad to be able to open our presents. One very memorable present was a newborn baby doll that had a penis.. I reckon I studied that dolls anatomy for the whole of the christmas holidays.. (for my US friends and followers, we get 6 weeks off school over the christmas)..Perhaps thats where my fascination for those things started.. LMAO... Another fantastic memorable present was my JEM doll.. She was the rockstar barbie style doll with flashing light earrings.. She had pink hair.. and she was hot... I would quite often grab the can of my sisters hairspray and sing into it... my sister who is 2 years older than me, used to use alot of hairspray because she would tease her fringe and style it like a wave across the front of her head... I was so envious of how it looked, and I could never get mine as good as hers.. Sooo, back to christmas...
My sister, myself, and our friends in our street (lots of kids of random ages) used to go round and sing carols on peoples front lawns.. I think we had more people shoo us away than listen to us.. so later on we would go and rock their roof (i.e. throw rocks in their roof)... so naughty.. lol.. wonder if thats why there's so many grumpy bastards at the shops these days.. they being kept awake from their roof being rocked... LOL
Mum and dad used to always put on a nice big BBQ, and mums twin brother used to come with his wife and kids.. presents would be exchanged, uncle Michael would raid the Chocolate and Lolly Dish, and we would try to look greatfull and happy with the crap that they bought for us.. My nan would be there, eating up all the meat, and watching everyone like a hawk to make sure they didnt eat what she was eyeing off.... Mum getting tipsy, swirling around her glass of wine, occasionally letting some spill, Dad, also getting tipsy, sitting there giggling, and nudging mum for no apparent reason.. LMAO.. they were both not big drinkers, so to see them getting tipsy was hilarious, although not at the time.. My sister and I would get angry at them for drinking.. god knows why..

I love the fact that you can wake on christmas morning, and eat a chocolate or a candy cane, and it's OK, because it's christmas.. Guzzle down soft drink all day, why not it's Christmas... graze on non-nutritious food all day long... it's alright, coz the chubby man was here the night before..

I think this year, I'm gonna have to tell the kids that Santa is on a diet.. he just doesnt eat as much as he used to, so when they leave him something out, they should be mindfull of that.. perhaps a vodka and a few cashews..

I have just realised that this post is all over the place, as I have been spilling it out in between customers. Oh well it just shows you a little something different.

So this Christmas, after I wake my babies.. open presents, I will be left to tidy up the paper, whilst hubby puts in batteries and reads instructions... then we are having some friends over for a BBQ breakfast.. then hopefully get a little rest time before going to my parents in the afternoon for a christmas dinner of assorted roasted meats, salads, veges, deserts etc.. only now that I am older, I will be getting tipsy too... lol.. and that doesnt take much. I know I will be a little frustrated that I wont be able to get into alot of the fun foods that represent a christmas feast day for me, but I will be greatfull that it means I wont have gained a size over that period too..

Another thought I will leave you with.. right now, I am loving life.. Things in my relationship with my husband are amazingly good.. I dont think I have been this happy in years... I dont think it is the fact that I have lost weight and looking better, I think it is more like .. I am easier to live with, look at life more positively etc... I am even communicating better with him.. which is a big thing for me, after so many years of biting my tongue... I love this band, I love what it has done for me so far.. although in 2010, i am going to kick my own ass into gear and up the anti on my weight loss.. 5 months of my gym membership has just worn away.... time to use it and shine in 2010..
Love you all, and the support you give..
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
Lots of love
xx Nene


  1. Love it Nene! Merry Xmas girlie - love your joy love your presence (presents) in my life!

  2. Fantastic post and "sparrows fart" makes me giggle every time. I am always the first one up on Christmas morning too, and at 30 years old, my family just needs to give up hoping I will let them sleep in. I did the exact same thing with starting early. I start early and then forget what is under the tree and keep buying! But i love watching people open their presents. I cant help it.

    This post was all over the place. Were you drunk? lol...I loved it!

  3. LOL, Pay attention Miss Amy!!! I explained I was serving customers in between typing this post.. LOL..
    xx Nene
    Love u right back Shaggs..