Monday, December 14, 2009


Once again it is TTOTM and my weight is dropping again.. so from a negative comes a positive.. However, since my last losing streak, which got me down to 109.2kg (i think) , I shot back up to 112kg almost overnight.. I could have torn my hair out, as not only did I gain the couple of kgs, but I was back above my 110kg mark... aarrgghhh... anyway... I have been wrestling the temptation not to weight myself every freakin day, and as usual, lost that battle.. but have noticed that in the last week, my weight has been gradually dropping again.. I was most pleasantly surprised this morning to wake and read a new set of digits.. 108.7kg... which now brings my total loss to 37.9kg in 10 months and 16 days..I SOOO want to get to 106.6kg for Christmas which would make my loss 40kg.. So I am going to get my butt into gear and go walking every damn day.. I just cannot let these scales rise again.
I remember when I was laying on the bed in theatre about to be put under anesthetic, and hoping that I could get down to 100kg by Christmas.. I know that isn't going to happen, but heck, I am not too far from it, so I am quite happy about it. Because throughout this whole time I have had the band, I haven't struggled to "change my lifestyle" or lived like I am still strictly dieting. I have enjoyed life. And I do suppose if I had stuck to my dietitians orders of what to eat (protein first and so forth) I would have done better with the loss. But I will mention once again, this isn't a race, and I have the rest of my life to get down to goal. ( A life that will be much longer now that I have shed some serious lard).. However in saying that i think I would be pretty pissed if I get to the end of next year and I am still no closer to goal..
What is my goal??? Hmmm to be honest, I don't really know. When organizing surgery with my doctor, he said I should concentrate on getting down to around 85kg.. However my "textbook goal" is actually 75kg.. I mean come on... I would looking bloody ridiculous at 75kg I'm sure. I would look like a bean pole.
So really, my goal is more clothing oriented. I will be happy to get down to a size 12 ( just did conversion, which is a US sz 8).. And as for the BMI stuff.. I don't care much for that.. I never really understood it, apart from the fact that I was on the dangerous end of that number scale.
I have gone from morbidly obese to now just being at obese (Whoopdee farkin doo) that doesn't mean shit to me.. I don't need that BMI thing pulling my spirits down. Enough said.. lol

Yesterday we drove down to the Gold Coast and went to the Cararra Markets.. and I bought myself a new bra.. It shocked me for a number of reasons.. #1. it was a sz 16c (38c) #2. it was only $6 #3. It fits so good that it doesn't irritate my band site when I sit down for a meal.. I wish I had have bought more.
Another thing, although it was a stinkin hot 36 degrees (96.8F) whilst we were at the markets , I still powered on, yes it was hot, but it didnt get to me.. I wasn't puffing and panting and sweating like a dog. Perhaps one day I will be one of those skinny people that sing from the rooftops how much they LOVE summer... ummm don't know if I could ever go that far.. but i will say it is becoming more bearable.

Band news... this thing is so freaking unpredictable. One day, it is so tight that i have a hard time getting my thick shake down (naughty naughty I know).. I even PB'd it up. Then the next day, I am able to eat a 6 inch subway sub.. I mean WTF!?!?! I will say however that I got the sub double toasted so it was much dryer, so it was easier to crunch on. It took me about 30 minutes to eat too..and it was so damn good. Then again the next day, I go to have a piece of multi grain toast (well toasted) and after one bite, it gets stuck... drives me bonkers. I was tempted to get a tiny bit of fill taken out for xmas, but I'm not now. I just hope that my band is being friendly on xmas day. If not, then it will teach me a lesson not to be a guts... lol

Anyway, I best get my ass out of the seat and find myself some breakfast before the kids wake up and swing into action for the day..
xx Nene

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  1. Love your updates girlie - wish I could be so consistent with the blogging (and the weight loss says my husband) - there is so much to say I just cant be arsed. its nice to remember that this isnt a race and how much better are our lives now????? Its easy to forget how far we've come and what our realites were like back then! Thank you for the reality check and good luck for the chrissie goal but keep in mind - you reached for the stars and you've landed on the moon and its a pretty nice place to be, hey? Love your new dresses and your pics are just out of this world! xxx merry christmas sweet cheeks!