Thursday, December 3, 2009


I really feel like I have completely fallen of the wagon.. I have been making bad food choices, and feel physically just as bad for it.. I am just always so damn tired.. I guess this would be from lack of protien/iron.. etc.. I really want to turn this around, but have got myself in a ditch because my weight has gone up to 111.5kg.. I mean god damn, I know I havent eaten enough to have put on that much weight.. and even though my choices arent the best, I couldnt have eaten enough of the bad stuff for it to have gone up so quick.. I keep trying to tell myself that maybe it's because of where I am in my cycle.. almost TTOTM...
Ohh lordy, just had a quick break in blogging.. my daughter decided to get into my nail polish and do her own..I did a quick clean up and looks like she will be attending daycare today with very funky looking legs, toes and hands.. Oh, just when do the terrible 2's stop.. she's already freakin 4... *take a deep breath* ...
I am trying not to let myself have that rotten "want to kill everyone" week, that seems to be making its presence in my life the week before my period..So I will keep the deep relaxing breaths
Today I am off to Crossroads for their members 40% off storewide sale. ( here's the website for those non-aussies :) ) I am looking to buy me some new pants/trousers and some tops.. as I seem to have filled my wardrobe with dresses over the last couple of months. I just hope I find what I am after, as its always the way when I am after something, I can never find it, but when I am down and out, and cant afford it, I find everything I could ever want. Wish me luck.
At the moment, I seem to have pretty good restriction, BUT I just want to eat all the time.. even when I am full..I just want the taste in my mouth. Is this normal?? I think it might have something to do with the fact that I really dont get much chance to sit down and concentrate on having a meal at a meal time, because of my restriction in the morning, then being at work and serving at lunch time, and then getting everything organized at home in the evening.. So I just graze all day. I really gotta get my act together..
Anyway, I best get to styling up, so I can hit the shops..And I just want to thank AMY for her excellent post today. You truely are wonderful.
xx Nene


  1. You are wonderful! And you are welcome. I dont know if it is normal for everyone, but it certainly normal for me...the wanting to put something in your mouth even though you arent hungry! This is what I do about every two weeks. I lose my shit. But for some reason, after about two weeks then I get back on track for two weeks. It is the weirdest thing how for two weeks I can resist temptation, but then sometimes I can't. I went into the grocery store tonight and thought about buying candy, ice cream, etc....and tonight I said no. But last week I snuck ice cream in teh house and ate it when Tracey was gone. Good old Amy habits. I dont know how to fix it, so when you figure it out, let me know. Maybe we cant? Maybe there will always be some bad eating? I dunno. I guess it's not good for us. But we get past it. Soon you will be blogging about how good things are going!

  2. OMG! I just typed the longest response to you EVER and blogger messed up and its all gone. What I had said was Thank you and you are wonderful!
    Also, I dont know if it normal for others, but it is totally normal for me. What you are describing, this having good restriction and just shoving things in my mouth anyways, is what I have been doing for the last two weeks. It seems to be a food cycle I have. Good two weeks, bad two weeks. I dont know why, but if you figure out how to fix it, let me know. Maybe we will always have some bad with the good? And just hope that the good out weighs the bad? I guess it is not good for us though...

    Tonight I walked through Walmart and thought about buying ice cream and candy and soda...and I didnt buy any of it. But last week! I bought all that shit and snuck it into the house when Tracey wasnt here and ate it. Good old Amy habits.

    But you will get back on track and before I know it you will be blogging about how good you are doing and all the tiny dresses you are buying and I will be jealous of you!