Thursday, January 7, 2010


OK, so I was in a bit of a panic yesterday, only to find out when I went to the doc that my problems were all caused by constipation and gas.. Hmm, slightly embarrassing.. I told the doc that I had 3 bowl movements in the last 5 days, and thought that would be sufficient.. Which usually would be for a bandster.. HOWEVER!! even though I went, it doesnt mean that I was totally cleared out, and there ended up being a bit of a "back up".. which in turn held back the gas. Apparently, the fact that I dont drink anywhere near enough fluids, can cause it to kind of dry up in there and although some makes it to the toilet, the rest just kind of hands around to make me feel as bloated and shitty as possible.. No pun intended... lol..I had however noticed that yesterday, before I went to the doc, alot of the swelling had subsided, and I was starting to feel a bit more comfortable, after having "let fluffy off the chain" a few times.. I was been burping for no reason too.. As for the lumps I was feeling in my stomach, well the doctor had a good feel, and explained that now that I have lost some weight, I will discover bones and muscles that stick out and can be felt that I would never have known that I have. She felt that everything was normal. Sooo I got a .5ml fill top up and was on my way. I have booked in to see her in a months time, just to keep on top of things.
When I was at the docs, I was weighed, and weighed in at 112kg... but on a brighter note, this morning, I weighed myself and it read 110.7kg... Finally, hopefully this will be the last time I see the heavy side of 110kg. I know alot of it is fluid though, as it is TTOTM.. but heck, I dont care.. I'm just glad to see it down.
Since being filled yesterday, I have fantastic restriction. I have been a little too nervous to try anything heavy, but I guess I will find out today.. But it's funny.. I didnt even feel like dinner last night.. I had a cup of tea instead.
Thanks for your concern, and I hope that my info ( however gross it may be) will be of a help to you guys. It's a little bit worrying when you come across something that you havent experiences before, and my first worry is that it could be band related and need operating on.. Ohh my worst nightmare.. (I'm not insured).. I do sometimes think that if this band decided to pack it in, and misbehave, (need fixing), I would opt to get it taken out, and get the Gastric Sleeve done. But then, I guess I may feel differently about it if it came to the crunch. .. Who knows, and I dont want to know.. Ha ha..
Anyway, I slept in a bit this morning, and really should be getting ready for work..
Have a great day/night everyone ♥
xx Nene

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  1. hahahahahaha....let fluffy off the chain. You and tracey could get together and share sayings I swear! I did finally get to use "sparrows fart" yesterday but I probably used it wrong.

    So you are full of shit huh? Well hell...I could have told you that! lol

    This is a good lesson and reminder though for us to drink our water! A couple of years ago I started to have troubles got harder every day and finally it got to the point where i couldnt pee at all and had to go to the hospital TWICE in two day to get drained. Turns out that once I got into the doctors, I had a horrible urinary tract infection but...all that was caused by constipation that pressed on my bladder or something and blocked my flow of urine. Interesting was shit can do to us...hahahahaha pun intended!