Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year (Not so happy weigh in)

Well I just thought I would post my weight stats to enter the new year. I woke on New Yeas Day, and could have curled up in the corner and sobbed.. I have put on weight.. in a big way.. in 2 weeks, I managed to go from 108.5kg to a mighty 112.7kg... WTF??? thats 4 farkin kgs.. I know I am due for my lady things in the next few days, but heck, I know it couldnt all be fluid retention.. So right now, I feel like I am right back at the beefy 146.6kg... AArrgghhh.. my goal is to get down to 106.6 before my 1 year bandiversary on 29th Jan..than, I will be happy to say I lost 40kg in 12 months.. hmmm, I need to step right into gear.. getting tightened up this week, and even if it means a lil suffering on the food side of things, then so be it.. Time to get off the Vodka, and onto the more soft drinks, no more hot chips (yes hot chips), no more pies (pastry and all)... Obviously I need more restriction..and better eating habbits..
God Help Me!!!

xx Nene


  1. I am so lucky that I can no longer eat hot chips! If only I couldn't eat bloody potato chips!

    Don't stress yourself too much. Think of what weight you would have put on had you not had the band!!!!

    I'm still hovering around 92-91kg so from my lowest of 86kg I'm pretty on par with you ;)

    I will be down now to see Dr B mid Feb, we'll catch up then. Ideally I wanted to be down to 84kg before I come down, but I can't see that happening now. If I can get down to 86 again I will be stoked!

    Congrats on giving up the fags too!

  2. Hi Nene Please don't be so hard on yourself. We all have some fault where we didn't do what we were supposed to. There's a lot of us who haven't reached yours goals. But look on the positive side you weigh less now than you did last year at this time. You just have to change your eating habits leave the junk food and fast food alone drink more water stop the sodas and the biggest thing is to exercise. The will help you and move in the right direction. Remember you have to lead the band. The band is not the leader you are. Just don't give up. Keep going. You are doing great. Last the scale is just numbers how do you feel and look.

  3. Thanks Girls!! :) your input means alot.. I have just made a huge fruit salad, and a huge salad to put in the fridge to snack on when I feel the urge for something bad.. Lets just hope it helps.. xx Nene