Monday, January 11, 2010


So this latest fill, just might be the thing I have been needing. My fix for jumping on the scales at any given time of day is getting worse though.. LOL.. I have even moved the scales into another room, but I still wander off to get on them.. The reason... I have gone from 112kg down to 109.5kg since Wednesday (5 days). Looks like my chances of getting down to a 40kg loss (106.6kg) is in sight. Close enough is good enough though. I'm feeling great, apart from the fact that it's still TTOTM.. It is a little frustrating though that it was only 1 month ago, I weighed in at 108.5kg, but thanks to my liquid meals of vodka over the christmas/new year, my weight went all the way back up.. damn it.. But it did get me thinking.. If I didnt have the band, just how much would I have gained in this time. That thought is scary. Which brings me to a story to tell you..
You see, on Christmas eve, we were invited to a couple's house for a bbq and drinks (christmas get together).. I had been meaning to get together with this particular woman for the last couple of years.. (I know it sounds bad).. you see, I met her in the hospital when my friend had her baby, and was talking about having recently traveled to Ghana (my hubby's home country), and this lady came over to me, and said she overheard me say that I went to Ghana, and that she is married to a Ghanaian, and they have just moved up from Sydney. Blah blah, trying to cut it short.. anyway, over the last couple years, I have seen her around at the school, and so forth.. (she has 2 daughters, 1 of which goes to the same school as Montel).. we always say that we will catch up, but never do... Sooo finally, when she issued us with an invite for christmas eve, we happily accepted, even as busy as I was, and had so much to do, but was happy to finally have a get together with them... Soo, whilst eating, I mentioned the fact that I am so glad that I can still have rice (thinking she already knew about my band, as my sister thought she had told her).. she looked at me a little strange and asked why I wouldnt be able to.. I went on, about having the band, and that some people cant eat rice, and she was shocked and suprised to find out that I was banded.. She then said it was interesting and asked who I was banded by.. I told her and then she said she also had one.. WOW WOW WOW... So it's nice to have more than the fact that our husbands are from the same country in common, because with being where our guy are from, comes the whole thing of... African men prefering their women a little on the thicker side.. My husband has been ok with it all.. And this lady said her's also has been very supportive. But when I told my husbands brother about when I was going to get the band, he couldnt understand why I would do such a thing.. LOL.. Soo, with my intentions of going back and visiting Ghana at the end of this year, I know I will be met with alot of confused and concerned faces.. As last time I went, I weighed 130kg. I know that some of the older people will wonder if i am sick.. lol..I'm sure hubby will explain. Cant quite remember where i was going with my story of catching up with Vicki, and finding out that she has also been banded...ohhh.. ok, back on track.. You see, Vicki told me yesterday that she had some fill taken out before Christmas, due to heartburn, and that now she NEEDS restriction because she put on 4kg over christmas/new year.. I'm thinking that because our bodies are used to not having much food, that when we do, we gain weight a little easier than before... what do you think???

And back to my new plan of travelling to Ghana to spend the Christmas and New Year, it has given me a good reason to get to my goal weight by then..It will be such a difference to travel in a plane and not have the arm rests digging in and bruising my hips. However I intend to get ALL fill taken out before travelling, because for some reason, I dont think there will be a doctor over there with knowledge of lapbands... lol.. And heck, I want to be able to eat their yummy foods without issue.. I also think that if I have something apart from weightloss to look forward to, it will take my mind off food in some way. Which in turn might fast track the weight loss.

I have just browsed over this post, and it's all over the show, but I'm just mindlessly tap tap tapping away at the keys with random headthoughts..
Have a good day if you havent already tuned out...
xx Nene


  1. I love your tap tap tapping. Keep it up. I can't believe how addicted I am to the writing of others. It is like I have an entire world of friends and don't have to leave my chair. I love to look forward to something. Someone else mentioned about fitting into the airline seats. I know I have been glared at, but usually have my hubby to sit beside, or I lean a lot into the window or aisle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi...I just found your blog and you look great. Imagine meeting someone who has a band when not even trying...LOL I am one month banded.

  3. hahahah...I know! I had to go back and reread a couple of times to make sure I wasnt missing anything! i am relieved that things are moving for you again. Guess what! I used Sparrows Fart again! and this time in the right context. You would be so proud of me!

    isnt it crazy how you can never tell who has the band! I always think that when I meet bandsters in real life. Who would ever guess ya know?