Thursday, January 28, 2010



Well here you have me.. Please forgive that I am so so new to this VLOG thing, and was really quite nervous.. I have posted it now, a day before my bandiversary incase I back out and dont post it tomorrow..

I also want to wish a Happy Bandiversary to my blog sister Bel.. we met in the waiting room of our surgeon. Also a happy 1st bandiversary to Amy too.. You are such an inspiration, and I adore your openness and confidence.. If only I could have a pinch of what you have, then I'd be set.. You have helped me in so many ways so far in this bumpy journey to slimness..

Once again, thanks to my followers, and fellow bloggers.. and to those of you who have been "blogstalking me" lol kidding.. pop a comment on my page here or there.. you deserve to be acknowleged and I love the feedback..

xx Nene


  1. I think you look fantastic - stuff the scales!!

    I'm getting banded on Monday and if I can get as far as you in a year I will be over the moon!

    Congratulations and happy bandiversary!!!

  2. Happy Bandiversary Girl!! Wow! I was actually nervous to watch your blog. I have an image of you in my head and adding a 3D element to that is rather daunting! Let me first say A. How bloody tiny do you look! You must just be lovin yourself sick girl! B. You sound like my quintessential Queenslander! Love a good Queensland accent and C. I think you have inspired me to do the same thing! I think I should post a vlog! Will u love me more or less????? Anyhow, I feel like I know you on a whole different level - to hear your voice and see your mannerisms and gestures is awesome! Loved it! You're tops! Best wishes for a great year ahead PS We're going to South Africa in May!!! A big family safari holiday to Kruger National Park. Please feel free to send along any helpful tips wont you???

  3. Happy Bandiversary! Love your inspiration from your blog. Will have to wait until I am home to see your vlog as my work blocks a lot of these. Laughed from you last post about having to plan in advance for a trip. Although I don't over plan like my siblings, my hubby is content to just pack his bag an hour before the flight. Then when I ask him to read about the places we are visiting he says, that's ok, you can tell me all about it when we get there. MEN! I love to investigate the places I am going to before I go.

  4. What! You have an accent? You are from Australian?

    hahaha...just kidding. I knew that you DID, but when you talk to me in my head you have an american accent! You do look super skinny and your collarbones kick my collarbones ass!

    Love you sunshine! Thank you for everything! Happy Bandiversary!!!!!!!! You and me sister. You and me!

  5. You are beautiful girl!!!!

    Can't wait to catch up with you in a couple of weeks. It will be amazing to see a different 'us' compared to our first meeting.

    Happy Bandiversary and I'll try and give you a call today!

  6. Can you beleive I watched you AGAIN! Ummmmm - re: not reaching the 40kg mark - you're 3kgs off!!! Thats nothing! Lets not split hairs now! Love that you're half in darkness like a victim of crime on a current affair heehee! Thank you for your vlog its great! I'm off to watch Amy's now - I believe she doesnt speak English??? Some kind of A Merry Can thing going on or something????

  7. Thanks everyone.. Are you stalking me shaggs?? LOL.. I just watched me again too.. Feels strange, and I actually see that i do look smaller than I feel.. Check how I keep touching my face.. NERVOUSNESS!!!.. I hate being in the spotlight, and sitting there talking to a camera is a very stange feeling. Maybe I'll get better at it with time..
    Thanks everyone for your comments.. Love you all..
    xx Nene