Thursday, January 7, 2010

PICTURE UPDATE 110.7kgs (244lbs)

When I convert the kgs to Lbs, I am so glad that we go in Kgs.. 244lbs sounds so freakin much.. lol.. Anyway, I got Montel to take these pics for me this morning, before going to work. Just to keep you updated.. Singlet is sz 18 (US 14), skirt is sz L (US 14-16) from Crossroads.. The skirt is shirred at the top and can be worn as a strapless dress too.. Cant you see, I need some bronzer on the under side of my granny flappin'arms.. they're so white and makes the flab stand out alot..In the top pic, you can see that I still have a tiny bit of swelling in the belly button region.. Guess I best be trying to crack some gas to get it down some more.. I so wish I had have taken pics of when I was at full bloat the other day.. You would have been amazed.
Ta Ta for Now..
xx Nene

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