Monday, January 4, 2010


So it's 5:30am as I sit here pondering what to blog for you all, and I am enjoying the beautiful sound of rain, and cool breeze that it's bringing.. what makes it even better is that at this time of morning, I am alone with my thoughts.. Yes, Peace and quiet.. just me and the rain.. Dont get me wrong, I love having the kids home on school holidays, but when my house turns into a makeshift daycare for all the neighborhood kids, it kind of does my head in. It seems like my house is a magnet for all these kids. And to be honest, there isnt a whole lot to do here.. No trampolene, no swing set, no swimming pool... only a basketball hoop out back.. Even the drive way isnt good to ride the ripstick on, that gets ridden on the footpath out front..I have ut my foot down, and will not allow any of the kids to play inside anymore, in order to keep a little sanctuary for myself.. I cant believe just how coinfident and some lacking in manners some of these kids are..
I never would have just walked into someones house and opened the fridge to get a drink, or walked in and picked up the phone to call and ask if I can have a water fight.. I would have very shyly asked from the door, or got my friend to ask their parent. It feels like every few minutes, there is a child at the door, now asking for a drink, something to eat, or to use the toilet.. you see, I now lock all the screen doors leading into the house, so I have control of who comes in. Do I sound like the fun police?? Well I dont think I am.. I hope not.. I mean, I bake these kids muffins, cut up fruit platters, buy them freakin water bombs to keep them occupied.. Ahhah!! maybe this is where I'm going wrong.. they might be getting it better here than at home.. Do these parents of these kids ever think that "Montel and Ayisha's" mum needs a break??? Hack and in between time, I am at work.. So to get quality time with my kids, I must take them out.. I dont want to be out!! I want to kick back at home, get some housework done, watch a dvd, cook/bake... Not friggen babysit, and entertain a bunch of under 10 year olds. OK, vent over..

Ok, on the weight front, I woke and weighed this morning, as usual, and am down to 111.7, which is a kg down from 01/01/2010.. I guess it is alot of fluid, because I have been pee' ing like a an old lady at a nursing home comedy show, and my fluid intake hasnt been all that much.. I so want to get my ass into gear this year. I look at some other blogs, and see just how well some others have been doing.. and sometimes feel like a bit of a failure.. I mean, I know that I'm not, but I know I just have to give it some OOMPH!!

Speaking of Oomph.. I told hubby when he came to see me at work on saturday morning, that we should go walking that evening.. I could see that he was impressed with my enthusiasm, and I was feeling good about it, but then, as soon as I got home, I walked through the door, and pulled the screen door shut behind me, the damn screen came a little faster than I had anticipated, and caught the back of my heel, OH THE PAIN, it knocked the breath out of me.. Ayisha was around, so all I would breathlessly utter was " Fa Fa Fa Fa.... OUCH!!!" I so wanted to scream "FARK!!!" Isnt it funny how you hurt your foot, but continue to hobble and pace around on it. I had a look down, and saw that I had scraped a nasty thick chunk of skin off the back of my heel, and it was swelling and throbbing as I looked at it.. Hubby squats to look at it, and starts to try to touch it.. I pulled my leg away from him, so fast, looking at him like he was crazy. It was only an hour later that I realised that I would be able to walk to my full potential, because there was no way I could put my foot into an enclosed shoe.. DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT!!!!.. But it's mending well, and I keep covering it in pawpaw ointment, it should be good to go by the end of the week.. I hope.. In the time being, I make sure I do as much exercise around home without having to wear shoes.
Anyway, Montel has just opened his eyes for the day, so I best get up and prepare him some breakfast.. Have a great day everyone..
xx Nene

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