Wednesday, January 13, 2010


First, I want to welcome and thank some of my new followers for commenting.. Lovely to have you aboard this crazy ship..Just to let you know, I am pretty direct and to the point and dont really sugarcoat anything.. How I feel, or what is in my head, is what you will read.. every now and then, I have a bit of a brain fart (Some call it PMS depression) but I soon pick myself up and dust myself off..
I am only a few weeks away from my 1 year bandiversary, and have lost 37kgs.. ok, so not as much as alot of other bandsters who weighed as much as I did in the beginning, But I'll be the first one to take the blame for that in the way that I havent exercised, have pretty much eaten what I want ( not junk all the time, but if I feel like a treat, dammit, I'm gonna have one).. All in all, I know the weight is coming off, and will continue to come off.. I have made many mini goals in this past year, and have not really acheived them. But I dont beat myself up over it.. Just push that goal a little further down the line.. eventually I know I'll acheive it..
Being banded is not a race to get to your goal in the first year, so if things slow down at any time, dont think you're failing, just keep on keeping'll get there.. .. So once again, Welcome :)

So, today I am weighing in at 109.5kg, and I'm feeling happy about that.. ( ask me in a few months, and I'll be like... I was happy about 109.5kgs???!!!!) but for now I am.. it is a little frustrating that 2 weeks before christmas, I was down at 108.5kg, but naughty silly old me decided to indulge a little too much on vodka cruisers and christmas cheer.. Bu moving onwards, and downwards (on the scale).. its almost like a tug of war with my scales, just when I see things going in my direction, they turn around and pull the heck away.. but having been tightened up, all is better.. restriction...
Ohh, speaking of restriction.. Yesterday i was so tense and uptight.. It was my day off for the week, and I had to look after the 2 children of the lady who works for us.. Which, really works for my kids, as one of them is my sons best friend, and his little sister who is only 2 years older than Ayisha.. Lets just say, I was that tense and uptight, I couldnt even get the spoonfull of icecream down at lunch time, well it got down, but came back up over the next half hour.. Oh it isnt nice to bring up cold ice cream.. I knew I was tight, and avoided eating anything set as a meal, but when I was giving the kids their after lunch ice cream treat, I had one mouthfull, and wowsers, it caused me some trouble.. The kids were all pretty well behaved, but I tell you something.. Girls are high maitenance.. My kids know how to pretty much occupy themselves, but throw an extra 2 into the mix and it's chaos, and it seemed their attention span was very very short.. So my day off was SHIT!!! I should have just gone to work. It seems to be the only place I get "me" time. I love kids, I really do BUT this far into the school holidays, I am certainly not in the mood for hosting play dates..
Well, I've had my gripe and it's time for me to get ready for work..
Have a great day everyone..
xx Nene


  1. OK, so you had me on the word "winge". Just googled and found the following: Winge moan complain whine whinge bitch cry wail sulk. Is this what you meant? If so, go ahead and winge:-) Love it. My new word for the day.

  2. LOL, sorry I thought the word "winge" was universal..You may need to pull me up occassionally on certain words, although I do try to be mindfull of differences between countries and so forth. They say you learn something new every day, so you have learnt a new word, and I have learnt that it isnt universal.. lol
    xx Nene

  3. Feeling a little like I've been invading your privacy the last week or so - so thought I should officially sign up to follow your blog!

    Just wanted to say - Good on you!!

    I'm a fellow Australian and I have my first visit with the surgeon next week.

    Love reading your comments - you sound like a very down to earth mum and a real Aussie to boot!

    Thanks for sharing

  4. God love is the Ozzie way to have a good holds barred. Anyway my kids get louder and louder as eah week pregresees so I suppose ...I GET YOU!!!. Love your blog and your journey...your family is stunning!!!

  5. Workinprogress- Dont feel that way, I welcome you with open...ummm.. with open blog.. I hope that by reading a bit of my craziness, it will help you somewhat as you enter this new phase in your life.. Are you in QLD??

    Girl Bandit- Thank you, thank you. I also see that you are going great guns.. I am excited for you, as I know how it is to try to get the monkey off your back.. It aint easy.. But bear in mind.. This is a band for your stomach, not your head/mind/brain... There is other work to be done there, but it does get a little easier to deal with when you're losing weight and feeling better within yourself..Trust me.. I got a whole breeding farm of monkeys slowly getting off my back, everyu now and then they jump on for a ride

    Thanks for your comments, they mean alot
    xx Nene

  6. No - I'm living in NSW. Really enjoy reading your blog (and your kids are gorgeous!! Love the cheeky smile today reminds me of my boy)

    I'll let you know how I go next week - I'm hoping that the process is a bit quicker in Aus as we don't have as much hassle with insurance - JUST WANT TO BE ON MY WAY!!!


  7. Thanks Nene....good luck work in progress. Let us know if you start up and blog